Monday summary


Good weekend? Hope so. I am poorly. It was only a matter of time.. I managed to get through December and the Christmas break without catching a cold but alas, I couldn't avoid one forever! I'm hoping it wears off in time for me to attend the pub quiz tonight!

This week's 5 good things (I'm not going to lie, I have struggled this week to come up with 5 things. I have the January blues in full force!):

1) January means a new start and lots of resolutions to keep me feeling busy and occupied! I'm not bored of them yet and am generally feeling really positive about trying out new things. Click here to read my list!

2) A night out to look forward to on Saturday night.

3) I made a delicious soup at the weekend and the huge pan of it will be perfect for re-heating throughout the week, plus it was tasty and healthy! It has given me the urge to make more homemade soups and things - so quick and easy!

4) I have a zillion things I want to blog about - hope you don't mind me invading the blog reader every day! :) I'm still really enjoying the whole blogging world - it's a nice little escape from reality and is sort of therapeutic for me.

5) Plans to see Avatar and Sherlock Holmes at the cinema this week. I love seeing new films!

Also, if you have a question that you'd like to ask me anonymously then visit and ask away!

Finally, a cute pic from my weheartit account...I want to sit at this desk and write stories all day. I would love to own this typewriter!


  1. Love the bit about the typewriter, I long to own one... I used to have a 'fisher price' type one when I was little but to own one like this one, that was still in working condition would be amazing !!

  2. Hope you feel better soon :) Avatar is awesome btw, if your local cinema has it, I'd really reccommend seeing it in 3D. x

  3. that website has alot of inspiring photos, will save it in my favourites ;) x

  4. Home made soup is so yummy! Looking forward to all your new posts!!

    Plus i tagged you on my blog for the 101 happy award :)

  5. What a nice post, indeed! :) I love homemade soups! I hope to cook more this year, also making soups and healthy dishes with more veggies and less meat.
    I'm also excited for Avatar! It kind of reminds me of - maybe a "modern-day" - fern gully... I don't know :)
    Hope you have a wonderful and productive week hun!

    - Monica

  6. I also want to see Avatar 3D and Sherlock Holmes, they both look amazing!
    What flavour was the soup you made, I would love the recipe!

  7. I saw very similar typewriters in TK Maxx at Crown Point this weekend! I adore typewriters and if I didn't have my arms full of cheap Calvin Klein undies I'd have snapped it up!

    I have the Jan Blues too. Why can't we just blog for a living? It'd be so much fun!!

  8. Really?? What the recipe for your soup? I went through a phase last year making homemade soup every week and it resulted in significant weight loss but i never REALLY enjoyed the recipe. What's you secret? :)

  9. Please review Avatar - I've no idea whether to go and see it or not. Also, you've made me NEED a typewriter x