Happy 101 tag


I spotted this tag on Sinead's blog - Dainty Dollymix - and thought it was a nice idea so I'm carrying on the tag! And I tag any of you lovelies who would like to do this.

The idea is to list 10 things that make you happy and explain why. Hope you like my list! (in no particular order)

♥ My family. They drive me crazy sometimes but they're not a bad lot really :) I have one sister who is currently living abroad, and my parents live about 20 minutes away from me so I often pop round for my tea.

♥ Shopping. I love saving up and buying nice things for myself and I love buying presents for other people too. What's the point of working if you can't treat yourself from time to time!

♥ My best friend. I don't have many close friends and she is a really honest, generous and funny friend who is there for me when I'm feeling down.

♥ My dogs. They can be so naughty and have me pulling my hair out at times but I wouldn't swap them for anything. They are sooo cute and I love it when they cuddle up together and go to sleep. I also love how they find the one patch of sunlight coming in through the window and fall asleep there.

♥ My blog. I love blogging and I can't imagine life without it. I'm always thinking 'ooh I can blog about that' and I take my camera everywhere with me to snap everything and anything! I enjoy writing my thoughts down and sharing them with you all. Every now and then people try to spoil it for me and bring me down but you can't spoil blogging for me, sorry! ;)

♥ Food. I know I'm on a mission to get fitter and lose a few pounds but I love food. I really enjoy eating out and trying new things and eating until I can't move! :)

♥ Being out in the fresh air. Come rain or shine I love going out walking and taking the dogs along for a good run and play. Winter walks are the best. I love wrapping up warm and heading out into the cold!

♥ Music. Whether I'm happy, sad, stressed, excited, or cleaning the house, I love to listen to music and I love how a song or an album can bring back so many memories.

♥ Movies. I love going to the cinema and I have soo many DVDs! I think I enjoy getting lost in a fictional word...

♥ Going on holiday. I love planning holidays and the countdown to them! I once booked a holiday 13 months in advance and spent the whole time talking about it and planning it all. Orlando is my favourite place to visit and I hope to go back for the 6th time in 2011. I love feeling hot sun on my skin and not having a care in the world for a week or 2...



  1. Cute post hun! Love these tags! Remember to do my tag!!Wana see your lovely clothes! xx

  2. Lovely to hear more about you! :)

  3. aww what a happy and upbeat post :)

  4. I love it!
    It's a positive and happy post for sure! So nice to read, and I found myself agreeing "I actually like that too" or "I tend to do that too" or "I wish I could do that too" (like plan and go on a trip that is)! I have somewhat planned to go on a couple trips down south but they never happened, but maybe someday soon!
    Again, this is such a nice, cute post where we get to know *you* better, and I love that.
    Perhaps I should do the same.... :)


  5. great list...holiday is on my top 10 too!

  6. Hello,

    Just to let you know, Im addicted to the little hamster hehe ... hes just too cute!

    Lots of love,