Calling all Leeds (& Yorkshire) girlies


Hi girls,

Now as some of you know, Kelly, Daisy and I have been organising an Aussie party for Australia Day and the plans are in place for Tuesday 26 January in Leeds. We mainly used Twitter to tweet about the plans and lots of you Yorkshire peeps said you'd love to go!

I have sent a confirmation email to those of you who showed an interest (to the email address listed on your blog) giving the venue/time/details etc. Please check your spam folder if my email hasn't made it to you yet but if not, no worries - I can always resend it! Just let me know :)

Additionally, if you are a Yorkshire based blogger and are free on Tuesday there may be a couple of spaces left so drop me an email at if you would like more details.



  1. I would love to be able to come but i am terribly shy when it comes to meeting new people so much so people are a bit put off with me and think i'm being funny which i am not lol! What do you guys have planned i am sure it'll be a fab day :) x

  2. Awwww wish I lived nearer hun!! I would still come and train and hotel it if I was paid before Tues, but I'm not!! Defo next time though!! Hope you all have a fab night :D xoxox

  3. I want to come SO MUCH! Gaaah, boo for after work plans. I might email you for the deets anyway and see if I can make it. :)

  4. I'm going along Jody and I won't know anyone, and I can be quite shy at first too. I'm making myself do more challenging things this year - and this will be challenging for me, I'll be scared to talk to people! x

  5. *R*~ I would love to come but i am so nervous meeting new people on my own & what they might think of me crazy i know! I don't like my photo taken either and at events such as this photos are taken and i don't like people seeing me look fat & ugly :( I would so love to meet some new people though x