Birthday look: bright pink lips in the style of Rihanna


It is my Mum's birthday today, my birthday this Wednesday and the bf's birthday on the 9th so on Friday night we went out for a birthday meal with my Dad, Sister and her boyfriend in tow. I wanted to wear my favourite lipstick (The Body Shop's Neon Pink) so I just went for simple liquid eyeliner on my eyes with a slight flick. A few years ago this was literally the eye makeup I would wear every single day so it was nice to try it out again. I'm much neater at it now I must say! I used to always use Mac's Fluidline with a Mac brush which was quite tricky and took ages but now I've got a Maybelline liquid eyeliner pen (kind of like a felt tip) which was given to me at the Maybelline event last year and it makes it super easy to do!

Rihanna looks stunning here - her skin is flawless!! Believe it or not I used to have short hair like this (maybe not as short at the sides, but not far off!) It reminds me how crazily fast my hair grows!

Anyway, we had a lovely meal out. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Leeds (Chapel Allerton for all you local peeps!) and I ate so much. I shared some nachos to start, followed by chicken enchiladas then for pudding I had churros and caramel sauce with a hot chocolate. By the time I got home I was ready to burst! Plus I had 2 beers. I don't even want to think about the calories I consumed, but hey it's my birthday after all! :)

Here are the products I used to create my look:

♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation in Ivory Beige
♥ Barbie for New Look concealer pen
♥ Shu Uemera eyelash curlers
♥ Maybelline Line Definer liquid eyeliner in Black
♥ Loreal Double Extension serum mascara in Black
♥ Nars 'Laguna' bronzer with an E.l.f brush
♥ Benefit Brow-zings kit in 'medium'
♥ The Body Shop lipstick in 'Neon Pink'

I love this lipstick! It's so bright without being too overpowering, and it's really moisturising. What's your favourite lipstick?

Rihanna photo courtesy of a google image search

Happy 101 tag


I spotted this tag on Sinead's blog - Dainty Dollymix - and thought it was a nice idea so I'm carrying on the tag! And I tag any of you lovelies who would like to do this.

The idea is to list 10 things that make you happy and explain why. Hope you like my list! (in no particular order)

♥ My family. They drive me crazy sometimes but they're not a bad lot really :) I have one sister who is currently living abroad, and my parents live about 20 minutes away from me so I often pop round for my tea.

♥ Shopping. I love saving up and buying nice things for myself and I love buying presents for other people too. What's the point of working if you can't treat yourself from time to time!

♥ My best friend. I don't have many close friends and she is a really honest, generous and funny friend who is there for me when I'm feeling down.

♥ My dogs. They can be so naughty and have me pulling my hair out at times but I wouldn't swap them for anything. They are sooo cute and I love it when they cuddle up together and go to sleep. I also love how they find the one patch of sunlight coming in through the window and fall asleep there.

♥ My blog. I love blogging and I can't imagine life without it. I'm always thinking 'ooh I can blog about that' and I take my camera everywhere with me to snap everything and anything! I enjoy writing my thoughts down and sharing them with you all. Every now and then people try to spoil it for me and bring me down but you can't spoil blogging for me, sorry! ;)

♥ Food. I know I'm on a mission to get fitter and lose a few pounds but I love food. I really enjoy eating out and trying new things and eating until I can't move! :)

♥ Being out in the fresh air. Come rain or shine I love going out walking and taking the dogs along for a good run and play. Winter walks are the best. I love wrapping up warm and heading out into the cold!

♥ Music. Whether I'm happy, sad, stressed, excited, or cleaning the house, I love to listen to music and I love how a song or an album can bring back so many memories.

♥ Movies. I love going to the cinema and I have soo many DVDs! I think I enjoy getting lost in a fictional word...

♥ Going on holiday. I love planning holidays and the countdown to them! I once booked a holiday 13 months in advance and spent the whole time talking about it and planning it all. Orlando is my favourite place to visit and I hope to go back for the 6th time in 2011. I love feeling hot sun on my skin and not having a care in the world for a week or 2...


Aussie event - Leeds


As some of you know Aussie held 2 parties on Tuesday night; one in London and one in Leeds. Kelly, Daisy and I helped to organise the Leeds event by thinking up a venue, a theme and ideas for activities. We held our event at Tiger Tiger in Leeds and hired out a room downstairs which was fab! Nicola was on hand to set up the room in a 'beach party' theme complete with palm trees, surfboards and an array of blow up creatures! (Special thanks to Nicola for doing such a great job and pulling everything together that we had asked for, and also thanks to Emma for listening to our ideas and helping us out before she went on her hols!)

We got a lovely cocktail on arrival followed by drinks at the bar, and the BBQ-style food we got was yummy! Cue some dodgy didgeredoo playing (very difficult!) and some limbo dancing and shots! We also got to play around with an instant camera to take silly photos complete with props (Kelly was glued to her blow up Kangaroo all night :))

Throughout the night everyone secretly voted someone for best hair, best outfit, best didgeredoo playing and best polaroid photo and those votes were counted at the end of the night. I won best outfit! Yay. I got a £10 Topshop voucher which will be spent wisely - thank you!

It was also lovely to see Hele who hasn't blogged for a while and who I'm hoping will return soon! I did my best to persuade her!

I only took photos right at the beginning and right at the end so I didn't manage to snap everyone! Sorry if I missed you out! I hope you all had fun and got home safely!

You can also view some snaps taken by Nicola by going to her blog and going to the Flickr link - click HERE :)

Weigh to go!


As most of you know I'm on a 'get fit and lose weight' mission! Lots of you have commented saying I look great as I am, and I know I'm not overweight (well, technically I am if I pay attention to my BMI! boo hoo) but I used to always maintain a weight of 10 stone and I was happy at that weight so that's my goal. Nothing too unrealistic.

Basically I'm taking part in a weight loss challenge that Cat created and it's a way of us supporting each other. It has definitely helped me not to over-induldge knowing that I have to broadcast my weight each week :)

My biggest downfall is exercise. I love walking and obviously I walk the dogs several times a day but apart from that I didn't used to do an awful lot. Well, last Monday I decided to do something about that and I vowed to step up my exercise in an attempt to burn off more calories and tone up!

I did really well last week. I worked out to Pump It Up twice - the second time doing the whole dvd with a couple of breaks - and I did Super Body Workout 3 times. Plus I did a 5 mile walk on Friday. Not bad for my first week ay! I feel great for doing it and the more I work out the less I ache the following day. Yesterday I had a rest and only did a little bit of walking so today I need to get back into the swing of things.

Super Body Workout is the newest addition to my workout dvd collection and hasn't disappointed me so far.

The combination of aerobics and sculpting gives the dvd variety and aside from Davina being a bit silly at times it's a really enjoyable workout.

I still enjoy Pump It Up, which is part of the Ministry of Sound range. This dvd consists of a warm up, aerobics, dance routines, boxercise, toning and a cool down. My favourite section is the aerobics ('Aeroburn') which is fast paced and hard work but fun!

I weighed myself on Monday morning as always and I have lost 1lb! This brings my weight down to 11 stone exactly (154 pounds). I'm hoping for a 2lb loss next week if I keep up to my exercise plan and continue to eat well (smaller portions, more veg, etc).

I'm going to invest in some digital scales in the next couple of weeks so that I can monitor my weight better and get a more accurate reading.

Monday summary


Happy Monday everyone! How are you all? I've had a stressful day which has involved getting lost in the car several times, getting very dehydrated and then feeling poorly, then coming home and flopping on the sofa!! I hope you guys are better than me!

This week's 5 good things:

1) With a little help from Sarah and a bit of googling action I changed my blog layout into a 3 column format and I'm really pleased with it. I hope you like! It looks better on my widescreen computer screen than the laptop but it's a keeper!

Thanks Sarah!

2) The Aussie event I've been helping to organise is tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to it! I will be seeing some of you ladies there :) I hope it's a good night!

3) It's nearly my birthday and I've been persuaded to have a night out to celebrate.. I am going to have a think about what I want to do. How do you celebrate your birthday? I normally don't do anything apart from a meal with my family/boyfriend so a night out in addition will be fun :)

4) I have exercised almost every day for the past week and even went for a 5 mile walk in the rain on Friday (in addition to a normal workout!). It was actually quite fun! There's something exhilirating about getting soaking wet and walking for miles.. well I think so anyway :)

5) I registered with another recruitment agency today, because I'm still temping but would like something permanent, and I took some tests and it turns out I got the highest scores they've ever had! So that was pretty cool and should make me look good to potential employers. I have enjoyed temping but it's time to find the right permanent job and get some stability.

In & Out



Exercise! Once I get into it I really enjoy doing it! It's a shame that it takes me a while to get into the swing of things. Do any of you read The Skinny Runner? Her blog really inspires me and gives me a kick up the butt. She is fit as a fiddle and posts regularly with all her adventures and marathons and such.

My friend and I are hoping to do the Race for Life this Summer. We've never done it before but it would be a great goal to get fit for and we would raise money in the process! Have you taken part in this before? Do let me know if you have!

Cutting down on snacks. It's really difficult but if I keep busy I can steer my mind away from thinking about having a naughty snack. As long as I keep fruit in the kitchen I'm fine!

All the sweet emails I get from you guys! And of course all the lovely comments. It keeps me smiling! :D See!


Being poorly. It's so frustrating recovering from a cold then catching something else! I have noticed though, that an improvement in my diet makes my recovery more speedy! So that's good :) The other day I felt like death and now I don't feel too bad!

Having a trifle kit in the cupboard (randomly bought on special offer!) and it is calling my name. "Victoriaaaaa" "Victoriaaaaaa". Not good!

Finish with some pretty pictures? Why not.

All photos -

Soap & Glory hat box - part 1 (the bad)


I love Soap & Glory - the products tend to smell amazing, last for quite a while and be really good quality. As you know I purchased the hat box when it was on special offer for £20 (it was originally £50) and it has been great having so many products to try out - some are old favourites and some are new to me.

Unfortunately one product I tried didn't really work for me from the word 'go' and that product is Hair Supply. Hair Supply is a mask designed to be used after shampoo-ing and it advises you to leave it on for 3 - 4 minutes for an intensive treatment - which is exactly what I did.

It left my hair feeling unmanageable, hard to comb and a little on the dry side. I can only speak for myself but I personally have coloured hair which needs lots of moisture and when I use an 'intensive' treatment I need it to leave my locks feeling silky and manageable.

Such a shame! Top marks for the smell and the retro packaging but this is one Soap & Glory product I would not use again.

Calling all Leeds (& Yorkshire) girlies

Hi girls,

Now as some of you know, Kelly, Daisy and I have been organising an Aussie party for Australia Day and the plans are in place for Tuesday 26 January in Leeds. We mainly used Twitter to tweet about the plans and lots of you Yorkshire peeps said you'd love to go!

I have sent a confirmation email to those of you who showed an interest (to the email address listed on your blog) giving the venue/time/details etc. Please check your spam folder if my email hasn't made it to you yet but if not, no worries - I can always resend it! Just let me know :)

Additionally, if you are a Yorkshire based blogger and are free on Tuesday there may be a couple of spaces left so drop me an email at if you would like more details.


Monday summary


Hi my fellow blogettes! Hope you are well. Yes it's that time of the week yet again - time for my Monday summary and 5 good things! Did you all have a good weekend? You can read about my afternoon out on Saturday on my last blog post and check out the video that goes with it too :)

In the last 24 hours I have developed some sort of chest infection/bad cough/cold so I'm not feeling too great today. I'm going to head outside with the dogs this afternoon for some much-needed fresh air!

1) Lots of you have subscribed to my You Tube channel which is brilliant - I really appreciate it. If you would like the link here it is. I know my first video was weight loss related but I'm going to do a mixture of videos on whatever I feel like doing at the time :) I have a long list of things I want to record so stay tuned!

2) I have had a really good week (minus Saturday) when it comes to eating right and getting plenty of fruit/veg and it totally shows in my skin and the way I feel. BUT I haven't lost anything according to the scales... there's always next week :)

3) I'm dead happy that so many people follow my blog and once I reach 700 blog followers I'm going to hopefully hold a little contest so please keep reading and leaving great comments because I read every single one!

4) It's nearly my birthday! I don't normally do much for my birthday but this one is the big 2-5 and I'm strangely looking forward to it! How cute are these cupcakes! I would be so happy to receive these for my birthday :)

5) The snow has almost melted and I can function like a normal person again and use my little car! The only problem is the forecast says heavy snow for Thursday! Noooo, no more snow!

All photos -

Out n about...


Yesterday my friend and I headed out for the afternoon; she was on the hunt for a faux fur coat and I went along for the fun of it! First stop was Otley where we stopped at a delightful little vintage boutique called Swing Out Sister vintage boutique which sold all sorts of lovely things. Vintage hats, jewellery, clothes, shoes and accessories plus a few modern things too.

Then we headed to Harrogate where we stormed the charity shops on the hunt for bargains! I spotted a faux fur coat just perfect for Rose. Long length=check! size 12=check! not smelly=check! Good price=check! It was £10! Yay for bargains. It had only just come in so we were lucky to find it.

We popped into the Cath Kidston shop which was full of floral, chintzy goodies - I was in heaven!  I had no idea you could get dog beds, wellies, books and baby clothes! I thought it was just bed covers and stationery :) I had my eye on this delightful sewing kit in the shape of a house:

Also I spotted this sign outside the bra shop Fit to Bust (which, by the way, is an amazing place to get fitted if you ever need anywhere! I love this place). The bras are a little pricey but they're an investment because they last for a really long time and they fit perfectly.

Unfortunately it rained pretty much all day and left my hair in an unattractive frizzy mess all day, but finishing the day off with a brew helped to make things better!

Figure envy: Katy Perry


I stumbled across these photos of the beautiful Katy Perry and instantly got figure envy! I don't know many people who can pull off a leggings and crop top combo like she can! At a time where I'm trying to get fit, tone up and lose a little weight I find it really useful to keep a folder on my computer with pictures that inspire me. I think having a realistic role model is really helpful. I probably won't ever look as fit as this (although I have been in the past!) but it is good to have something to aim towards.

New Years Resolutions - update!


Hi everyone - remember I made some resolutions for 2010? I'm here with a quick update on how I'm getting on! I have no intention of forgetting about my resolutions this year! Let me know what you want to achieve this year.

♥ Learn a new skill or take up a new hobby - I bought week 1 of The Art of Crochet because it's a new skill AND a new hobby which would tick off my first resolution. Things didn't work out so well. I think I threw the wool and threading tool across the room at one point. Back to the drawing board for this one perhaps! Or I might give it another whirl.

♥ Grow more confidence - I already feel like I have a little more confidence than in 2009. I would never have recorded a video for You Tube last year but in the past week I have recorded two! Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfort zone and go for it. Working on my confidence will be ongoing for 2010.

♥ Eat a little less and move around a little more - I'm definitely on the right track with this one. I'm taking part in Cat's weight loss challenge and since Monday I have had breakfast every single morning, a healthy lunch and a tea always including veg. I have cut down on snacking inbetween and today I plan to do one of my workout DVDs. On Monday I'll weigh myself and I really hope I've lost some weight, even if it's just 1lb.

♥ Learn to cook - I have successfully made a Sweetcorn and Red Pepper soup from scratch (with no recipe!) which was delicious and healthy, and I also made a blue cheese dressing from scratch to go on a chicken salad. I will continue to cook and try new things in the kitchen! :)

Pretty blue eyes


This is the look I went for on Saturday night which is pretty simple. It consists of:

♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
♥ Maybelline mousse concealer
♥ Benefit Coralista blush
♥ Maybelline Kohl Express liner in Metallic Blue
♥ Loreal Double Extension Serum mascara
♥ Maybelline Superstay Powergloss

I love this eyeliner, it's so pretty! It was one of the items I received for free at the Maybelline event last year and I'm starting to use it quite a lot. I basically outlined my eyes and did tiny little flicks - usually I can't do winged eyeliner because I am really impatient and I have slightly hooded eyes which ruins the look. But using this liner it was dead easy to do and looked really effective.

I'm also loving the Benefit Coralistia blush which I got for Christmas and as always I swear by my Double Wear foundation which I use every day.

Monday summary


Did you all have a good weekend ladies? I hope so. On Saturday night I went out for my friends 25th birthday (gosh we are getting old! :)) A few of us had drinks at her apartment then went out in Leeds. I remember lots of shots, slipping on the snow, silly dancing and not spending any money?! Not sure how that happened!

My 5 good things this week:

1) I told my bestie, Rose, about my blog. The only people that know are my boyfriend and my family and I really wanted to share it with her. She was so happy for me! I gave her the link today and she spent ages reading through my old posts - bless her! Hi Rose! :)

2) I'm excited to be taking part in Cat's weight loss challenge - I will be attempting to film a video for it later on but no doubt I will hate the way I sound! It could be a long process :) I have been enjoying hangover food for the past 24 hours and haven't had the word diet in my vocabulary. I have craved salty crisps and tons of orange juice. But today I'm going to concentrate on always having breakfast, lunch and dinner - and not snacking much inbetween. And of course lots of water and exercise! That's going to be my approach because I know that I won't stick to anything drastic. I've tried Slim Fast in the past, and Beyonce's maple syrup drink diet, and I don't have the willpower to deny myself.


3) I got 2 little packages in the post today. One is the new Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles roll on which I'm really excited to try. The other was a Models Own nail polish which I won in one of Imogen's contests. Thank you hun!

4) I found the perfect tattoo. One day when I'm not a scaredy cat (my Mum would go mad!) or scared of the pain I'm going to get this:

5) I'm going to puppy classes with Rose this evening. She has got the cutest little puppy called Ralphie. Check him out, he's a little dude!

 Photos - & (except Ralphie of course!)

In & Out



Avatar - one of the best films I've ever seen. I want to see it again! You can read my review here. Is it wrong that I fancy Sam Worthington more as an Avatar?!

All the amazing comments I got on my rant post a couple of days ago. Wow - I didn't expect to get so many nice things said about my blog and my pooches. Lily, Lola & Geri give you all a big slurp and a kiss!

All of the films that I can look forward to seeing this year! Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, The Lovely Bones, Sex & The City 2...

Reading some really cool blogs. At the moment I like to read fashion blogs and here are a few of my favourites; Bohemian Musings, All About The Style, Fashionnerdic, A Little Bird Told Me, Frassy, iheartvintage, Sadie's Wardrobe, Tink in my Closet... the list goes on! Make sure you check them out.

Cat's weight loss challenge - why not join in? Check out the links for more info (here & here).


The snow and freezing temperatures. I'm over it big time. I love Winter but I like being able to function normally and sadly in this weather my little car can't make it out of the drive!

All photos -

Attention Leeds ladies


I first visited my current hairdresser, Lara, when she worked in the Leeds city centre salon RMUK (formerly known as Roberto Moura's) and she did a great job of transforming my colour which had gone too brassy. She has been doing my colour ever since and did several sets of Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions for me during her time at RMUK.

She has been working as a mobile hairdresser for over a year now and offers loads of different services including extensions, and her prices are really reasonable. This blog post is just a shout out to recommend her services. She has always done a great job with my colour and listens to exactly what I want. My natural hair colour is dark brown and she manages to make my highlights look quite natural and suited to my skin tone.
I visit her at her home because it's easier for me but she also travels to other clients homes if they prefer. She is really friendly and has made a real success of her mobile business. If you are looking for a new hairdresser in Leeds then drop me an email at and I will send you her details and the link to her website. Also if you have any questions about pre-bonded hair extensions fire away, I'm an expert! :) xxx

Film review: Avatar (3D)


I have no words for this film except "please go and watch it!" In 3D if possible!

Admittedly, I didn't know anything about the film before going to see it and to be honest I did drag my feet a little. I didn't think it would be my kinda film. Boy was I wrong! The first half an hour of the film sets the scene and gives you a bit of background to the story and it plods along nicely. The central character is a nice bit of eye candy too ladies ;) Then, oh my word, I was on the edge of my seat for the remainder of the film.

The special effects are out of this world! I have no idea how they created half of it - it's simply stunning and I urge you to go see it. I saw the 3D version and I can imagine that it won't be as visually stunning in 2D but that's just me speculating.

My favourite character was Neytiri played by Zoe Saldana - I thought she was brilliant. You may have seen her in the recent Star Trek movie or Vantage Point.

I won't say anymore or give away the plot but if you do go and see it (especially if it's based on my recommendation) please do let me know what you think! I haven't heard a single bad comment from anyone who has seen it so far :) I might even go again!



I want to start by saying a big "thank you" to the people that leave me sweet comments and compliments and to those of you who are really friendly on Twitter too.

I set up a Formspring form after I saw a couple of other people doing it and I thought it would be a nice way for people to ask me questions that they might want to know but hadn't wanted to ask directly. I didn't expect to receive a comment saying "Why do you talk about your dogs so much? It's so boring." Not only is this comment rude and annoying, it's just totally unnecessary and disrespectful. Why do I talk about my dogs so much bright spark?? Well, my blog name is Lily loves Lola and it's not a coincidence that my dogs have the same names. I am not just a beauty blogger - although I do love makeup and beauty products. I blog about everything.. whatever I'm up to.. and my dogs are a huge part of my life.

I'm not great at shrugging off criticism and it takes a lot of courage for me to post personal photos on here and talk about my life. I don't have much confidence and I constantly worry that people will say mean things about my photos or the way I look. 

If the person who wrote that comment is reading this, please unsubscribe and don't bother me again. You ruined my day and to be honest I would rather you didn't read what I have to say.

Snow day


I'm officially sick and tired of the snow. This morning I set off for the first day of my new temp assignment apprehensively due to the deep snow on my street. It was the deep, crunchy kind which is usually ok to drive in (I was wrong).
 The view from my front door this afternoon - note the lack of my car :'(

Then I hit the main road and thought 'phew' - surely I would be ok on there?! Nope! The roads weren't gritted and they were lined with abandoned cars and buses which were struggling to get up and down the road. Also I heard a lorry had tipped over nearby and was majorly holding up all the traffic in the area.

My brakes weren't working properly and when I set off my wheels were spinning in a mad rage ("go back to bed Victoria!" they screamed). After slipping around precariously for 20 minutes I gave up and headed home only to get stuck a couple of roads away from my house. I frantically phoned my boyfriend to come and help me and he managed to push me to safety at the side of the road (my car is still there. I can't face digging it out right now).

This is what I needed when I made it home

I have spent the day sat at home with the boyfriend (who also couldn't make it to work - he works miles away) and the dogs. They love it! They think it's great. Me on the other hand - I'm seriously fed up with it. Not only is it stopping me earning money but it's so dangerous attempting to drive anywhere. I drive a Smart car for God's sake. They ain't so smart in the snow I can tell you!

Geri absolutely loves the snow! She covers herself in it, eats it and runs around in a daft panic!

What's the weather like where you are? Apparently it's only going to get worse.