What makes my heart happy...


I saw this over at http://randomnessisessential.blogspot.com/ and I wanted to share my list with everyone. Feel free to do your own list and let me know what makes you happy. (photos are from weheartit).

♥ Letting the dogs sleep on the bed and waking up to find one of them sat on my head

♥ Putting on a new outfit and feeling fantastic in it

♥ Christmas day morning

♥ Taking a long walk in the snow wrapped up warm

♥ Finding a lovely new blog and reading it from start to finish

♥ Hopping on a plane heading to a sunny destination, knowing I get 2 weeks of sunshine and fun

♥ Friday evening - the feeling of not having work for 2 whole days and making lots of lovely weekend plans

♥ Shopping

♥ Singing

♥ Talking on the phone for hours

♥ Taylor Lautner


  1. PHWOAR! That pic of Taylor Lautner is hot!

  2. Oh i adore finding new blogs that i cant stop reading!
    Great post xx

  3. This is such a lovely post, I might have to steal it for my blog!

  4. Arr great post hun, I may have to do one too!! :) and ooooh I LOVE that last pic... Team Jacob!! :) hehe xxx

  5. That was lovely to read and made me feel happy. And, phwwwwoooar Taylor ;) xxx

  6. Pretty much agree with everything, spesh the last one ;) Offft hes gorgeous xx

  7. All so great!
    And what is it with pugs/dogs loving to sit on heads?

  8. awww i really love this!! i wanna make a list too!!


  9. What a fab list! That is a wonderful picture of Taylor. TEAM JACOB all the way!
    Claire xx

  10. Such a cute post! :D
    I love all of the things that make you happy :) :)

    Makes me want to follow your lead and do a post like this too xx

  11. lol great post!! :) love all the things that make you happy.
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  12. aw,
    I love posts like this, they never fail to make me happy.

  13. Great post! And yum at the picture of Taylor!x

  14. I am so Team Jacob!! These things make me happy, too. Yay!

  15. Aww, loved this!
    My list would be pretty similar.
    Well in that case I must say you have excellent taste in doggie clothing! So cute isn't it. I got him a Christmas jumper the other day, everyone says it's torture, I think it's the cutest thing in the entire world!

    nicola xx