Trifle recipe


For Christmas this year I offered to make a trifle to take round to my parents house and then panicked for a couple of weeks wondering how I would make it! I rarely cook or bake anything - I can make macaroni cheese and that's about it :) *must learn how to cook more in 2010*.

Anyway the trifle was a huge success - it was scrummy! And the custard was made from scratch so I was very proud. With a little help from my boyfriend here's how we did it.

First of all we cut up a raspberry swiss roll and placed the pieces in the bottom of the dish. We poured some sherry over the swiss roll - not too much - and left the sherry to soak in overnight in the fridge.

Then we added raspberries and raspberry jelly (using some of the juice from the tin of raspberries in the jelly mix). This was poured over the swiss roll and left in the fridge overnight to set.

Then we made the custard which was the trickiest bit. We heated some double cream, and made a mixture of egg yolks, caster sugar and corn flour. Then we added everything together and I kid you not, I was stirring the mixture over a hob for about 45 minutes! Eventually it thickened a little and it could be left to cool.

Once the custard had cooled I poured it over the jelly and finally whipped some double cream to add on to the top.

Some chocolate sprinkles finished things off and voila! So easy and really tasty :)

What did you make this Christmas?


  1. that looks so yummy! i must make one of these, thanks for the recipe! :)

    hope you had a lovely xmas day!

  2. That looks v.yummy!! Glad it went well :) xxx

  3. It looks gorgeous and i don't even like trifle! I just helped with the little bits this year, made the Yorkshire Puddings and little things like that x

  4. Wow yummy!! I'm glad that your trifles were a success!! I made frosted brownies and sugar cookies for friends and family! Holiday baking is the best!

  5. that looks yummy, mr lollipop does all the sweetie stuff in my house, but i make a rather delicious white choc and raspberry cheesecake. gave it a miss this year though! just stuffed ourselves stupid on christmas pud and chocolates instead! xx

  6. I haven't had trifle in years but I am totally craving it now!

  7. Oh this looks delicious! I'm glad you've had such a great Christmas, and enjoy the New Year! xxx