Monday summary


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend? I mainly ate stollen and watched films which is the best ways to spend the weekend. I watched Frost/Nixon (slow start but good second half), Yes Man (hilarious), The Eye (scary but pretty good), the latest Indiana Jones (half-watched the parts that Shia LaBeouf was in :)) and a couple of others.

This week's 5 good things:

1) First and foremost, it's Christmas on Friday! Enough said!

2) I'm looking forward to some time off work although I'm not looking forward to piling on the pounds and becoming a total stollen-monster! (must try not to eat the entire contents of my parents house).

3) I received a £20 voucher from The Body Shop to thank me for reviewing items and such over the past few months and I think it's such a sweet gesture. I'm looking forward to spending the voucher - let me know what you would get with it?

4) I haven't managed to fully fall over in the snow yet. Lots of slipping but no full-on fall. This is a good result!

5) On a different note I was pleased to see Rage Against the Machine secure the number 1 slot but only because I feel like the X Factor formula of automatically securing a number 1 every year is getting tired and it needs to be shaken up. Please don't be offended Joe fans. I don't mean anything malacios by it. In the future I would like to see more original Christmas songs being released along the lines of The Darkness - Don't Let The Bells End and the Bo Selecta Christmas song. They were fab!

Some recently hearted pictures on my weheartit page:


  1. I am always so scared I will fall over like a total loser!! hehe.

    I'd love to see some reviews on Body shop haircare. Have heard good things but it's a little like lush haircare...never quite sure where to begin and whether it is worth the cost.


  2. I think I'm going to get a body butter with mine, it was a lovely surprise to recieve it! Shia = F.I.T!


  3. I agree with your point on the Christmas numnber 1 and you're right, The Darkness song was great!

    Lucky girl on getting TBS voucher! I bought a load of products from the Vitamin E range a couple of weeks ago. It's great for my skin,especially at this time of year!x

  4. Nice post, beautiful!
    I adore the pictures, hehe, too cute. And yay for Christmas! I'm excited to give my gifts out to my family :)
    And that's super nice that The Body Shop gave you a lil token of their appreciation for your reviews! Whoo hoo!! I love the body shop... I really don't know what I could recommend, there's so much good stuff. But maybe something from the Spa Wisdom line...
    Have a marvelous Monday!

    - Monica

  5. Lucky you with the body shop voucher! The body butters are amazing there, and last ages.

    And well done on not falling! I've managed to slip and fall (I'm blaming the dogs pulling me over) quite a few times.

    X x

  6. I was so glad x-factor didn't make number one this year!

  7. I'm so pleased Joe wasn't number one!! You lucky thing getting the Body Shop voucher, i'm going to get the banana shampoo and conditioner in the new year, i used to love it x

  8. I haven't fallen yet either! Although I did get stuck in an ice rut in my car park - had to be pushed out by my boyfriend! Tee hee!

    Definitely buy body butters with your voucher. I love the mango one from Body Shop. Yay for Christmas!

  9. Love the photo's on your post. I agree with your comments on the chart, about time it was shaken up.
    Have fun with your voucher!
    Claire xx

  10. I absolutely love the film yes man - i found your blog yesterday and literally read the whole thing from start to finish.

    I got the Soap and Glory hatbox as a Christmas present.
    SO excited.

    love LJ XOX