Film review: New Moon


Well, I finally went to see it :) I waited a few weeks to let the crowds die down a bit. The only time I will sit in a packed out cinema is for Harry Potter - I love going to the midnight screenings to see that first.

New Moon didn't disappoint me. Actually it was better than I thought it would be. I'm quite late on the Twilight bandwagon; I didn't see the first film at the cinema and I'm only just reading the first book (but I love both) so I'm definitely converted! But not quite a "Twi hard" yet.

I thought that Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, aside from the bulging muscles and that fact that he is hot, was brilliant! And I emerged from the cinema 100% Team Jacob.

I really like Kristen Stewart as Bella. I know she isn't so popular among some fans but I think she plays the part really well and I think she's really pretty too. When I'm reading the book I find it easy to picture the character as her.

I'm pretty sure most of you have been to see this by now but if you haven't I really recommend you do!



  1. Yay! I thought I was the only person that loves midnight Harry Potter screenings :D Plus I'm totally Team Jacob, Taylor Lautner is yummy :)

    Kelly x

  2. I am team Jacob too! I really liked New Moon and I agree with your comments about Bella. Some people may disagree and that's fine. Glad you liked the film! xx

  3. I really enjoyed New Moon too, I only saw it last weekend; and it was just me the bf and another couple in the cinema!
    And Team Jacob all the waay! I wish i knew 16 year old boys who looked like that when I was in school! :P

  4. Harry Potter midnight screenings are the best!! I love Twilight as well but it's definitely no HP. :) xx

  5. yay! I just saw New Moon last week and really enjoyed it! I'm also late getting into Twilight. I snatched the first book out of my sister's book collection and I have already read it halfway through!

  6. Hello!! not been on blogger for your new layout! yes i deleted my blog a few weeks ago, but may get it up and running again over christmas if I have time! xx

  7. Definately Team Jacob all the way! This film was much better than Twilight. The books are fabulous, I hope you enjoy them!
    Claire xx