Barbie range for New Look - part 2


I recently talked about some products that I was sent from the Barbie for New Look range and to finish off I'm going to talk about the Beautiful Eyes Kit which is £5.

The concealer - it reminds me of the Eyeko concealer pen which is a similar colour and consistency. This one seemed to dry quite quickly before I could finish patting it in. I found I had to rub it in which I don't like to do - I'm conscious of wrinkly eyes approaching 25 years old in February!

But I was quite pleased with the end result and I liked the colour.

The mascara - I did one eye and thought 'wow, this is pretty damn good'. The wand was quite chunky but it didn't get mascara everywhere like Badgal sometimes can. It was great at seperating my lashes and I had no clumps at all on the first eye. I did have to apply a few layers to see a difference but overall I was pleased. It all went wrong when I did the next eye though. The mascara wand dried up completely and no amount of re-dipping and swirling could save my eyelashes which ended up looking like spiders legs.

Really disappointing :( I am still raving about the blusher and the nail polishes though. They are definitely my recommendations if you want to purchase anything from the Barbie range. You can read the reviews on those items here.

Thanks for reading! xxx


  1. Have you tried the fake eyelashes yet?
    I was going to buy them but would like a review off somebody first.

    Theres also a gorgeous range of barbie vest top in miss selfridge ( I want them all! haha

  2. Ive been pondering the barbie range for a few weeks now... thanks for the review! helps alot :) ayden x

  3. Everything looks very nice on you!

    ps : I really envy your hair color, I wish I could acheive it!

    xo caitlin

  4. Shame about the mascara - I'd quite like to have Barbie eyes!

  5. Thanks for the review! Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas xxx

  6. gosh I really love the Still Barbie line!

  7. I got this set bought for me for Christmas, not used it yet, but I have the Eyeko concealer so it will be interesting to see how it compares.
    Thanks for reviewing, I'm going to read your other review now on the other products :)