Share the Love


Time for another Share the Love post! This time it's all blogs that I have found only recently, and I know a blog is a good one when I want to read through all of the posts right back to the beginning!

Click on the link to visit each blog. Enjoy! - Caitlin has a Pug so instantly I'm going to love this one! She talks about life in general, a little bit of everything, and they are my favourite kind of blogs to read. - A fab blog jam-packed full of photos of different makeup looks and nail art designs. She is really talented at nail art and I'm very jealous! - Yes another Pug! And an adorable French Bulldog too. Scroll through the posts and have a good chuckle, it's hilariously written. I love this blog! - Emily is so pretty and does some great makeup looks and product reviews.



  1. Thanks so much! I love it :-D

  2. Thank you Victoria! You are too sweet! xo em

  3. Thank you so much! :) <333

  4. Wow. How kind of you Victoria. Thanks!