Benefit - counter experience and Brow Zings


Recently I visited one of the Benefit counters in Leeds for a browse and met a lovely assistant who helped me out with finding a product for my brows. She offered to try out some other products on me and I thought why not! I had some time to kill and I haven't tried anything from Benefit in a while.

I must say she was so friendly and helpful. I usually don't have very positive experiences with makeup counters so this was a refreshing change!

She applied:

- Some kind-a gorgeous foundation
- Erase Paste concealer
- Brow zings (medium)
- Coralista blush
- Birthday Suit cream eyeshadow
- Badgal mascara in brown *new*
- Lipgloss in Life on the A List

I was so pleased with how it looked! This is me after I got home a couple of hours later. Coralista is amazing - it went straight on my Christmas list! Also I was really impressed with the cream eyeshadows and the Badgal mascara in brown which is new, and has a much smaller wand than the original Badgal making it much easier to apply.

I bought the Brow zings kit which comes complete with wax, powder, mini tweezers, hard angle brush and a blending brush, and it all comes in a handy compact with a mirror.

I tried it out again today and as you can see it really does make a big difference. I didn't find it hard to apply myself, it's dead easy! You use the angled brush to apply the wax which helps to form the shape, then you use the blending brush to apply the powder which 'sets' the look. The little tweezers can be used to neaten up any strays, and just incase you don't get a lesson from someone at the counter it comes with a step-by-step guide.

At £21.50 it's quite pricey but you only need to use a tiny amount so I imagine this is going to last me a while. Thumbs up!



  1. I want to buy a brow kit- I think that nice brows make such a difference to a look!

    The Benefit make-up looks gorgeous on you- really glowy and lovely!x

  2. I've had BrowZings in medium for about two and half years and it's still going strong other than the clippy bit on the compact breaking. It looks like they've changed the packaging though so hopefully they'll have sorted that.

    It looks like the perfect shade for your brows - you look lovely - very elegant and polished :)


  3. I can never normally get nea the Benefit counter for the masses of bodies admiring the stock!!

    You look very pretty in the pictures, glad you had a good counter experience! Nice to hear of good service every now and again!
    Emma :)

  4. I need a brow kit, I might get an MA to try this out on me. I don't pay my brows near enough attention as I have a fringe that hides them! Coralista is something I've recently got and I love it!! x

  5. Your brows look brilliant and that blush look amazing you really glow! x

  6. gorgeous look - I've given you a blog award xx

  7. Your skin looks so glowing! I'd consider bying the foundation and the blush.

  8. Your skin looks so highlighted i love it!
    I love Benefit stuff - don't know why it doesn't get more praise :/

  9. Your brows look really polished! The first thing I notice about people is their brows. xx

  10. benefit makes my favorite products!!! I use so many of those daily!

    You look so pretty!

  11. The make up really suits you, you look gorgeous x

  12. You look gorgeous sweetie, I love the look she has done on you! I think I might need to put Brow Zings onto my Christmas list, looks fab! xxx

  13. You look so pretty & radiant in the pics!

    The brow set also looks amazing!


  14. You're positively glowing in those photos! I love that look. Benefit stuff always makes me so happy. Also surprise that brow kits can make such a difference, I've been scared of them but maybe should invest after seeing this post.

  15. Your brows look great, I am definitely checking those brow zings out xx

  16. was the erase paste good? I was looking at in their brochure and thought id try it.. dont wear any concealer ever cos it always makes my skin feel clogged up. I really want a light concealer. ps ive got giveaway up on my blog and saying ur a follwer all you have to do is leave comment to be entered :) xx

  17. i keep looking at this kit and contemplating but its a lot of money. Is the wax easy to get off at the end of the day? Does it build up a residue (like hair wax?)


  18. Hey chick,

    Have tagged you for an award over on my blog.


  19. the brow zing really makes a difference, i had it tried on me once too, it looked amazing, u have now urged me to go and buy it :) x

  20. how refreshing to hear a good experience =)

  21. I have this and just dropped it on the floor tonight actually which smashed it a bit (sucks!). It's a fantastic product! Great review!

  22. I have pretty much non-existent eyebrows (thanks to being ginger!) but I'm a huge fan of a strong, dark brow. I've been using Brow Zings for over a year now and I'm planning on sticking with it, I LOVE!

    Also: I have Coralista and Bad Gal Brown already and would definitely recommend putting both on your Xmas list! And the cream eyeshadows are to die for, I have 3 already! XXX