Monday summary


Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a good weekend? Let me know what you got up to. I had a quiet one. I was on my own at home with the Pugs on Saturday - my boyfriend went to Blackburn to visit his family and took Geri (she was his dog before we met and she likes to visit his Mum's dog, the cutest little poodle with no teeth!)

I spent the morning catching up on blog-reading and Youtube-watching whilst the Pugs snuggled at my feet. I chilled in my pjs and my new headband and felt fabulous! You can see nicer photos of it here.

In the afternoon whilst the Pugs snored on the sofa I did a little present wrapping which I find so fun and therapeutic. I love making a mess with ribbon and sellotape everywhere! Do you like my wrapping paper set from Ikea? The print is so cute!

On Sunday I woke up and was violently ill for about an hour :( I was so so sick. Then I felt totally fine and had a huuuge Sunday roast at my parents house! Yum.

Here are my 5 good things of the moment:

1) Our new computer which has a touch screen monitor. It is seriously the way forward! Check out how easy it is for me to collect my eggs in Farmville now! I didn't know this technology had been invented yet but apparently so!

2) My bad skin is clearing up. I think it was due to a change of the pill so I'm going back to my usual one. I lost so much confidence knowing that I had spots that no amount of Double Wear would conceal! The saying "stick to what you know" is so true!

3) Plans to see New Moon this week. I literally can't wait to see this film - it looks so good. I was previously Team Edward but seriously.. jesus! I can't resist this:

4) My Sister is back from Gibralter until January so I have a shopping partner back! We did a little bit of shopping last week and visited the German Market which was fun. We had a sausage and a beer, then I stopped at the marshmallow stall to take some back for the BF. We had a look round at the trinkets and I saw the coolest Pug mug but couldn't bear to part with £20!

5) Getting my exercise mojo back and dusting off the Wii Active and Wii Fit! Exercising inside on a cold rainy day is the way forward! On Sunday I had a 20 minute session on the Wii Active and oh boy, today my legs are feeling the burn! You can read about my exercise options here on the guest post I did for Sarah.

Feel free to let me know your current 5 good things in the comments box! I'd love to hear them.

All photos - weheartit.

Anatomicals contest!


Aren't I good to you lot! Another contest and another set of super easy rules so there's no excuse not to enter right? :)

The brand is Anatomicals and they are offering 5 lucky people the chance to win something from the brand!

Anatomicals is a brand I have used before and liked - their slogans are really fun and the prices are so reasonable. If you want to have a browse on the website then click here.

Their tagline is "we only want you for your body" and the products all have crazy names like "Stop Cracking Up" which is their lip balm.

Anatomicals also have a page on Facebook which is regularly updated with a celebrity-based status which is tied in with one of their products. Also every Friday there is a competition where fans share their plans for the weekend and a winner is picked who then gets sent a special something!

All you need to do to be in with a chance is:
- be a resident in the UK
- be a subscriber to moi
- become a 'fan' of Anatomicals on Facebook by clicking here


You have 1 week to enter and then I will pick 5 winners using The contest will close at midnight on Sunday 6th December and then I will do a blog post listing the winners so please look out for that if you do enter.

If you want to post this contest on your blog for a 2nd entry feel free but it's totally not mandatory to do so.

Good luck! xxx

Review: Remington Wet 2 Straight


I was not sent these to review by a PR company but they were kindly sent to me by Laura who tried them, didn't like them and offered to pass them on to me to try!

They are the Remington Wet 2 Straight hair straighteners. They heat up really quickly and the heat can be adjusted. The maximum temperature is 230degrees and there is an LCD display which displays the tempature.

I gave them a go for the first time and emitted a series of "oohs" and "aaahs" because they really did turn my hair from wet to dry in one slow sweep down the hair. I struggled doing the back of my hair though so I had to rope my boyfriend into doing that for me.

The end result was very straight hair that felt slightly drier than usual, but the main problem was my scalp was damp. The straighteners get so so hot on the plates and around the outside that you have to be really careful when you are using them, and obviously I'm not going to let them touch my scalp.

I am slightly OCD when it comes to my hair and I couldn't leave my scalp wet so I had to give it a quick blast with the hair dryer which I guess defeats the point!

That being said, they are very good straighteners when used on my dry hair and they leave my hair feeling very silky and smooth if I have blow-dried my hair first.

My boyfriend on the other hand absolutely loves them and has been using them on his wet hair every morning! So perhaps for people with shorter hair they are much more effective.

Thank you for reading!


Knitting for dummies


In a previous post I mentioned my sudden urge to get creative - knitting, jewellery-making, etc. Well, I'm actively on the hunt for knitting classes as we speak. I have a desire to knit scarves,and jumpers for myself and my dogs!

Yesterday I was in Topshop and saw some lovely arm warmers that were made from cream wool. £14! I don't think so. "I could knit those myself" I said. I saw an awesome knitted headband in Misss Selfridge and thought "I could knit that!"
I also want to knit the boyfriend a Ron Weasley style jumper with his initial on ;) I'm so good to him!

A cool shop has opened up in Headingley, Leeds which I really want to check out. It's a shop called Baa Ram Ewe. I have got my eye on "Learn to Knit" for complete beginners and "Learn to Crochet". Have any of my fellow Leeds people checked it out yet?

Yum Yum Beads is a small bead shop in Leeds city centre which sells, you guessed it, beads! Of all shapes, sizes and colour. They do a jewellery-making lesson one evening so that's another idea of mine. I have made a few bracelets using material from their before and I'd love to make necklaces and earrings too.

Do you do anything creative? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments box :)

All photos -

Female inspirations


I saw this idea over at Blab About Beauty and wanted to share my top female icons with you.
Nicole Richie. I have loved her ever since I watched an episode of The Simple Life series one years and years ago, when she had coloured feathers in her hair extensions and outshined Paris in being totally hilarious!
Since then she has inspired my hair colour, my hair styles, the clothes I like and the accessories I buy.

Megan Fox. I admire her confidence and her "don't give a sh*t" attitude. Plus she is stunning and gets to kiss Shia LaBeouf. Jealous much!

Lady Gaga. For being different and a breath of fresh air from the usual pop stars. Plus her clothes/outfits are brilliant!

Jessica Alba. For having the body that I want but will probably never have.

Ashley Tisdale. Her style is really casual and I love that. Designer bag with joggers? Yes please. I love comfy tees, joggers, big sunglasses, huge handbags and long blonde locks. Perfect, comfy style!

Kim Kardashian. She has a womanly figure and absolutely rocks it. She always looks really polished and wears clothes that suit her shape.

Paris Hilton. She has built an empire and is worth millions and gazillions. Not so dizzy! I know she gets a lot of stick and has done some stupid things in her time but she seems like a really sweet person to me.

And finally, Kat Von D. Covered in tattoos and beautiful!

The little things in life...


I got home from work on Monday to find a little present. My boyfriend had braved the strong odour of Lush to buy me a little bath bomb. He got me the Lush Pud which is the cutest little thing.

I had a bath with it and wow, it fizzes like mad! Dissolved in just a few seconds.

The smell was lovely but the sight of the bath wasn't. The water went the colour of what can only be described as wee (sorry peeps!) I got in the water anyway and had a nice soak, but it wasn't the most enjoyable bath time experience I've ever had.

A colour less yellow-y or some bubbles would have been much better.



Lily - what a big tongue for such a small pooch!


Contest winners

There were over 50 entries for my Naked giveaway (crikey!) and 5 winners were picked using Congratulations to:

Tabitha Sheridan

Happy S




Please email your full name, blog name and full address to

If you didn't win - I'm sorry! I wish everyone could have a little something. Fingers crossed for next time!


Monday summary


My 5 good things: (photos courtesy of weheartit)

1) The Twilight hotties. Yes they're everywhere and no I'm not complaining.

2) Present buying! It feels so good getting my Christmas shopping done early this year which hopefully means no last minute panic buying the week before Christmas! I have wrapped everything that has been bought so far and started to write my cards, which by the way are the cutest handmade ones with Pugs on :)

3) Starting to read again. I used to read so much when I was younger and now all I seem to do is flick through Company magazine once a month! I have started to read Twilight after buying it months ago, and I'm loving it so far. Gosh Edward Cullen is the sexiest character :)

4) It's nearly Christmas which means the Pugs have been in my life for nearly a year. I couldn't imagine life without them!

5) Feeling creative. I have the urge to make cards, make jewellery, learn to knit again, make some scarves and doggy jumpers..

And one bad thing.. Jedward are no more. It's a sad sad day.

Here they are performing 'She Bangs' - my personal favourite.

Share the Love: A Little Bird Told Me...


I wanted to tell you all about a FAB blog that I found recently. The blog belongs to Jen and is called A Little Bird Told Me. Click here to go directly there!

I stumbled across this blog on one of my blog-hunting sessions and instantly loved it and left comments on lots of posts.

Jen updates regularly with outfit posts and general chit-chat. Her style is really cool and varied. One day it's very girly with lots of jewellery and pretty scarves, the next she is in a gorgeous dress, then the next in casual Converse trainers and jeans.

Not only is she really friendly but she lives near me, and just round the corner from my Mum and Dad, what a coincidence!

Please go and check out her blog and say hi. She puts loads of effort into her pictures and regular updates and deserves a lot more readers.

Happy reading!


Pretty pictures

I have a Weheartit account (click here to have a peek) and from time to time I like looking through all the pretty pictures.

Jingle bells.. Jingle bells..


I thought I would share a few makeup and beauty items that are on my Christmas list this year, along with a new pair of Uggs, a coat, a pink & grey Alexander McQueen scarf and a whole host of other goodies! I can't wait!!! :)
All images are from a Google image search
Ever since I visited the Shu Uemura stand to buy my Sister a pair of eyelash curlers for her birthday, I have wanted the 24k gold ones! A little pricey but a good pair of eyelash curlers last for ages and these ones are so pretty!

I was passing through a store once and was given a sample of this on a stick so I put it in my handbag and forgot all about it. Everytime I opened my bag I got a whiff of the most gorgeous smell ever and I knew I had to buy it! It's Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf - check it out next time you're at the perfume counter.

When I had my makeover at Benefit the lady used Coralista on me and I loved it! Such a gorgeous colour.

The original Badgal is one of my favourite mascaras and the new brown version is a much more subtle version with a smaller brush. It looks great against my brown eyes. Perfect for a subtle daytime look.

I'm not getting any younger and I am starting to notice fine lines - argh!! This Advanced Night Repair should hopefully see to those! My Mum goes through bottles of this like it's water! Must be why she looks so youthful :)
I have asked for a few Lush items too.

Ocean Salt scrub
Some bath bombs

Big shampoo
I made a start on my Xmas shopping last night and managed to get most of it in one go. I went to Boots, Lush, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. I've got cards.. I've got wrapping paper.. I feel so organised this year! Also, it was really quiet last night in all of the shops that were open. It was easy peasy (apart from my boyfriend complaining that Lush was giving him a headache. Teehee).
Now all I need is to think of something to get my Dad. He's so hard to buy for! :)

Review: Naked's coco de mer body butter


I was sent this to try and review, and my first impressions of a brand that I've never tried before are: yummy, yes please, love it, more!

This is the coco de mer body butter which has creamy coconut extract, shea butter and passion flower oil. I have been applying it before bed as it's totally non-sticky and really moisturising.

The scent is gorgeous - not too sickly sweet. And having checked out the Boots website, it's only £4.88 for a 300ml tub which I think is really good value. I don't normally use body butters. The Body Shop ones appeal to me but I never buy them because I'm a cheapskate and I think £12 is too much. This one is a great price, smells great and is really moisturising. I would definitely repurchase.

If you're intrigued about the brand and want to try it out - enter my contest! There will be 5 winners so you've got a good chance of winning and the rules are dead simple. Click here to have a look.


I read a blog post recently and they posted a picture of this ring - well I had to have it! It's so girly and cute.
I wanted to share the Etsy shop with you and recommend that you all have a look through the jewellery. It reminds me of Accessorize jewellery - lots of cute rings and trinket-type bracelets. The postage was super fast and the ring was well packaged and came with a little note and a cute little net bag.

I love the cameo necklaces and the little typewriter necklace - so cute!

Here's a close up of the detail. I love the colours!

Naked: giveaway!


Hi everyone! I've got a fab contest which is super easy to enter so make sure you read on for your chance to win!

First of all let me tell you a little about Naked.

Naked make their products as natural as possible and they do that by making them 97% natural without the use of SLS (Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfates), parabens, petrochemicals and phthalates.

Naked are also
incredibly eco-aware and use recycled or recyclable packaging and all the sourcing of the ingredients and materials is done in the UK, where possible. All the products are made in the UK and if anything has to be sourced from abroad, they will only do so when the ingredient they want is sustainable (for example they don't use Rosewood as there is no re-planting policy for it).

Visit their website for more info.

There will be 5 winners who will be picked at random and each person will win 1 fabulous Naked product. You have 1 week to enter - the contest will close next Tuesday 24th November at midnight. I will then announce the 5 lucky winners!

The rules are very simple:

- Subscribe to my blog
- Become a fan of Naked on Facebook by clicking here
- And leave me a comment to let me know you have done the above (if there is no email address on your blog then please leave that also, or send me an email with it if you would prefer to keep it private).

The fanpage on Facebook is great - it doesn't bombard you with messages or anything. But it is great for special offers and for finding out more about the products.

Good luck! xxx