River Island goodies


I really like River Island at the moment. I go through phases of loving it and then hating everything in there. But at the moment it is definitely a love phase!

Do you like my new hat? I saw it and had to buy it, even though I'm not a hat person and I have no idea when I'll wear it. But now that the weather is turning colder I will have plenty of opportunities :) It's so cute!

I also picked up this jumper which is gorgeous. It has a tie which can be tied at the front or back and it's dead slouchy - it looks great with skinny jeans!

I love buying clothes for Winter. I find it much easier and more enjoyable dressing for the colder weather.

Have you bought anything from River Island lately?



  1. very nearly bought that hat today! I never get round to wearing them though..

  2. So strange today I went to R.I for the first time in ages and boght a gorge jumper dress. Its really hit and miss for me but I'm loving it at mo!xx

  3. Oh my god that hat is so cute :)I used to work at RI 'back in the day' and it always seemed to be really pricey but now I think some things are cheap and some are still crazily expensive for what they are x x x p.s I might buy that hat it is too cute sorry we'll be hat twins!

  4. My boyfriend LIVES in RI but a lot of the time I really hate the women's stuff - you really have to work to separate the chavvy stuff from the good. Seems like you've done it though - love that top and doesn't Queen Marie of Kingdom of Style have that hat?


  5. That hat is SO cute! I saw 2 dogs like yours yesterday & they were adorable! They were panting so much & theyd only been walking for a tiny bit! Haha xxxx

  6. R.I is very hit and miss, a bit like Primark. I haven't been in for ages for that reason. But aw how cute is that hat?! xXx

  7. i love winter clothing more also! lots of layering and boots <3

    cute jumper!

  8. I saw a girl wearing that hat today and thought it was so cute like a little bear on her head!

  9. Oh wow! I think I'm gonna have to copy and get that hat, it's brilliant!!!!
    I love winter dressing too, getting all cosy with layers. I love hats and tights and boots, ooh excited now I need to go shopping!

    nicola xx

  10. nice jumper! i got a pair of white ruffled bikinis from River Island this summer and it's absolutely gorgeous!! I love it coz it's got gold starfish charms at the end of the strings.

    I agree - winter is the time to play with looks. I love wearing boots... there's something about wearing it that makes me feel sexy LOLZ

    cheers (^_^)v

  11. Very cute hat!! I might be going to the local RI shop very shortly!!

    I need to get some winter clothes, might do that this weekend!


  12. Cute stuff! I agree, I always find a ton of stuff to buy when colder weather comes around..it's the only nice thing about winter in my opinion! :)

  13. I'm the same with River Island, I go through phases of liking it then thinking its rubbish!! Lol, love that hat though!! And I always think their bags are nice :) xxx

  14. So cute I really need to get down to Bluewater and have a look around but I just hate the layout of the shop,it's like a jumble sale!

  15. Loving river island at the min, your def right. it goes through phases of being great or rubbish.. love the hat!! so cute!! recently from R.I ive bought few pairs of funky patterned tights, they always do great tights :)
    ps ru dressing your pugs up for halloween? Ive got our black pug a bumble bee costume!!
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  16. That hat is super cute.
    Wish I could wear things like that I could never pull it off.



  17. I'm not a fan of River Island for two reasons:
    1) They either have nothing or everything and I always want everything and only have money to spend when they have nothing.
    2) They don't do student discount - how rude?

  18. Ive got the hat :) It goes with much more than what Id imagined, its super cute! So tempted to get the black version aswell xx

  19. I LOVE river island atm! Im the same as you I love it r I hate it!! haha. I love the hat, its so cute! :)

    They have so many cute things atm.

    Love it!! Great blog x

  20. I adore the hat, so cuteeeeee.

  21. I looove RI!! especially for shoes and accessories :)

  22. i've never heard of river island til now actually. i'll def have to check it out and let you know (if i can remember, lol).

    thanks! xx.
    - elvia