Rimmel: Beige Style


I haven't been feeling very well all week, so this evening I decided to do some nail polish shopping to cheer me up. I had a basket full of bright colours, then I realised that I wanted a polish I could wear for work so I had a look for nude, beige and pale pink colours instead.

I spotted the Rimmel Pro polishes and I liked the sound of the maxi brush. Anything that makes painting my nails quicker and easier is surely a good thing!

I picked up Beige Style and thought it was perfect.

I don't like having too many coats of polish on, so I have applied one coat and some Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff over the top.

It is subtle and perfect for work.

What do you prefer? Bright colours or nude colours?

I have got my eye on the mint green Barry M polish to cheer me up through the Winter!



  1. Oh I love the LyrcaWear polishes :) this colour is gorgeous! I've only got one but I'm tempted to get more because the formula is so easy to apply and the brush makes it so much easier :)
    The one I have is called Posh Trash, you might like it, it looks like brown in the bottle but on the nails it's a really light, subtle shimmery golden kinda thing! Hard to describe but it's gorgeous.
    Hope you get better soon!

  2. I think it looks great! I like brights and nudes, but I think nudes look really classy. xox

  3. @leanne - thank you - i will check that one out. sounds nice! xx

    @ellamarie - i agree :) xx

  4. Great review I love these posts, nudes are very pretty & soo easy to wear just pefect with a nude lip & maybe a Juicy Trackie lol :)

  5. Oooo maxi brush? Can you post a pic of the brush maybe in comparison with a non-maxi brush? I'm intrigued. :o

    I'd have to say I've never gone completely nude (with nail polish! haha) but I really like Sally Handsen Diamond Strength in 33 Champagne Toast. It's a very nude-esque shimmery pink which still comes off as incredibly neutral. I also like Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in 03 Bamboo Shoot, though it's a little light for my complexion I think.

  6. I've just got a severe addiction to red nail varnish... I need to kick the habit and experiment a bit more!

  7. I like natural on my fingers, and more adventureous toes, but then this is probably work friendly!

    Hope you are feeling better soon :)
    Emma :)x

  8. HeHeHe, I was just thinking to myself before reading this "Hooray its the weekend, I can't paint my fingernails purple!" LOL I'm not sure really, sometimes light ones look cleaner and more natural but bright ones can be fun too :D xxxxx

  9. I'm on my third bottle of Beige Style. It's my go to choice for every day nails.

  10. light color is classy and pretty too!!!

  11. @pfefi - i will try to! sorry, i should have done that originally :) xx

  12. @daisychain - wow! u obviously love it! i do too :) xx

  13. Could you do a review on the top coat - i'm looking for a really good one! How does it fair!?

  14. Nudes and light pinks are definitely the wisest choice in a working environment, but we all need some colour in our lives, right?
    I 've bought a lot of (color) nail polish lately, I must find myself a great nude!
    The one you have looks really pretty! ;)


  15. hmm,I deffinitly prefer bright colors, but it's always nice to wear nude shades every so often[=
    I really like that nude polish! I need to go buy it some time.

  16. I have beige style and i love it! such a great nude colour. i love both nudes and brights - couldn't choose between them! xx