Recent hair products: tried and tested


I have tried out a few new hair products lately that I wanted to share with you. First of all I was in dire need of a new hairbrush so I went to Asda and picked up an Andrew Barton hairbrush designed to give volume and keep hair smoother and cleaner for longer. I also picked up some Andrew Barton I Love Volume mousse.

- I love the brush! It is perfect for achieving sleek hair and blow drying the ends under.
- The mousse makes my hair feel slightly sticky and dry if I don't use a serum on the ends, but there is definitely an improvement in the volume at the root. I have never found a mousse that works well for me though. Dang!

I got the James Brown Straightening Balm a few weeks ago and was excited to try it out. The first time I had plenty of time to blow dry my hair and I achieved really glossy hair (see below) but every time I have tried to use it since I have ended up with lank locks.

On Sunday I used it as I was going to a family occasion and wanted to have my hair down and looking spesh.. but not only did it take me ABSOLUTELY AGES to get my hair to feel dried, but I had what can only be described as a greasy residue left behind. My hair looked and felt rubbish! :(

Finally, I was kindly sent some hair products to try out from the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure range. I have tried products in the range before as my old hairdressers stocked them and I was really impressed, so I couldn't wait to give these a whirl.

The range contains Amino Cell Rebuild technology and aims to rebuild the hair's inner cell architecture and restore each type of hair to its natural beauty.

The shampoo I received is in the Color Save range and is a silver shampoo for grey and lightened hair. This stuff is great! It is bright purple and "contains silver pigments to enrich the shimmer of cool colour tones and eliminate brassy colour". This makes my blonde colour look shiny and like it has just been coloured. I would definitely repurchase this. The RRP is £8.65.

I don't use the shampoo every day, I use it every 3 washes or something like that.

I have also tried out the Color Save conditioner which is for colour-treated hair. This is a "creamy rinse out formula to seal and protect the hair and lock in colour".

I don't love this as much as the shampoo, but it does the trick of keeping my colour looking fresh and it is really moisturising.

The conditioner retails for £9.85.
I also received a split end treatment which I will talk about another time :)



  1. I really like Schwarzkopf hair products (although I can't spell their name! It was a copy and paste jobbie for this message...). I tried their glisten range and loved it. x

  2. Love your hair :) Is that your natural colour? Hair envy right now Vic! xxx

  3. @laura - no i'm a brunette :) xx

  4. I have Andrew Barton Serum and I love it. Tempted to get that brush.


  5. thanks for the review. you hair looks very nice

  6. I hate it when products leave a residue in my hair, just makes me want to wash it again straight away x