NYX lipsticks


I recently ordered some NYX lipsticks and I have been testing them out this week. I got Strawberry Milk, Circe and Orange Soda. There are so many shades to choose from - click here to have a look.

I thought Strawberry Milk would be my favourite as it's pink, and pinks seem to be my fave at the moment, but I love Circe!! It's the perfect nude shade for me and is a really creamy, non-drying shade. Love love love it. I will definitely be wearing this for work and when I don't fancy rockin a bright colour!

If you are in the UK and want to get hold of some of these, there are several websites to try or Ebay. As long as you don't pay over the odds on P&P these lipsticks are an absolute bargain!! I think 3 is enough for me for now though :)

Have you tried any NYX products yet? Let me know what you think.



  1. omg I NEED orange soda. i swore i'd stop buying lipsticks.
    its all ur fault

  2. I have Cirque and I don't wear it that much because it is really nude and pale for me. But it's good to have.

  3. I've never tried NYX products yet- I wish they were put in Boots! Loving the Strawberry Milk lipstick!x

  4. Im a big fan of NYX lipsticks and I have those 3 colors too.


  5. You must have SO much make up!! Yeah you're right the nude one really suits youe skin tone, lovely.

    nicola xx

  6. ugh everytime i go to the one store that sells nyx around me circe is always sold out lol.

    strawberry milk looks great on you!

  7. I have Circe and a load of other NYX lippies. TBH I don't wear any of them. I should but I forget I even own them!

    They're good quality for the price but The lipglosses can be hit or miss depending on which formula you get.

    I'm over NYX now and won't be buying anymore.

  8. I haven't tried any NYX products but these look lovely. The pink is pretty but I really like the look of Orange Soda!

  9. They all look lovely, love the Strawberry Milk x

  10. I NEED Strawberry Milk!!! lolxx

  11. they all look lovely on you :)
    i'm liking the strawberry milk & circe!! xx.
    - elvia


  12. Orange Soda is simply luscious! X

  13. My my, they look amazing on you!
    I 've yet to try NYX, but I 've heard such good things, and all their shades are so pretty!


  14. i have never tried NYX lipsticks for some reason - i hear only good things about them but they never have the shades i want in the ONLY store that sells them.
    i think i need to just order them off line.
    i really like orange soda and strawberry milk on you :)