Home Sweet Home


Searching for a new, bigger place to live is getting rather tiresome, and instead I'm jazzing up our current place with trinkets and candles and some amazing picture hooks that don't damage the walls when they're removed - genius! I can finally hang up my Pug picture from Ikea :)

One of my favourite websites for home furnishings is Dot Com Gift Shop. From funky doormats, to kitchen accessories, to cushions, this website has got loads of cool things. I love browsing on there and pretending I can buy anything I like.

If anyone has got any other cool home furnishing websites please do share in the comments box!

I love these fairy lights with a twist

I adore this seat! How adorable! I would love to buy it but I've got a feeling it would become a doggy seat!

I really want this door mat, I think it's really cute

I'd love this teapot for my kitchen :)



  1. I love that website some really good pressie ideas too :)

  2. Omg.
    That cupcake teapot is amazing.
    I love it!!!

  3. Ooh where did you get the picture hooks from? I would love to put photos up but am wary as we rent!x

  4. Arr I love that tea pot, I have a cookie jar just like that :) xxx

  5. @daisy - they are called Duzzits or something, by JML Direct :) xx

  6. No Victoria no!! This is so bad for me why have you posted this site I now want it all :(

    I like one site but I cant remember it - its called The Contemporary Home. Google will lead the way...


  7. love you for telling me about this site, hate you coz I just spent so much money! :o)

  8. I LOVE that site!

    Try Bombay Duck, they have gorgeous bits and bobs


    I have literally tens of interior design shop bookmarks on my internet and abour 100 interior design blogs I follow, I could browse for hours dreaming


  9. I looove the fairy lights thing. Its adorable! Thanks for giving this link. I'm the same as you--I go on interior design websites and pretend I can buy everything. ;)

  10. I love your ideas>i especially also like the doggie door mat too.I shall look at your items on etsy.xx

    Box of Hearts