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John and Edward. For those of you not in the UK they are contestants on the X Factor and they are brilliant! They definitely have the X Factor over some of the other contestants. We don't need another Leon Jackson, no thank you!

Finally getting my hair trimmed yesterday and my hair still looking long! I had been putting off getting a cut because I'm trying to grow it and I don't like to end up back where I started. But she just took off a tiny amount and neatened up my layers/fringe and it looks a million times better. Money well spent!

My night out this evening. Food and drink at my place, followed by drinks and karaoke in Leeds. My favourite kind of night out!

Twitter. I feel much more positive about the blogging community since taking a break from it.

Feeling S.A.D. I think we all get a bit of seasonal affective disorder at this time of year. Travelling to and from work in the dark and the cold weather is not good for my mood!

Hope you are all well and looking forward to a good weekend!


Home Sweet Home


Searching for a new, bigger place to live is getting rather tiresome, and instead I'm jazzing up our current place with trinkets and candles and some amazing picture hooks that don't damage the walls when they're removed - genius! I can finally hang up my Pug picture from Ikea :)

One of my favourite websites for home furnishings is Dot Com Gift Shop. From funky doormats, to kitchen accessories, to cushions, this website has got loads of cool things. I love browsing on there and pretending I can buy anything I like.

If anyone has got any other cool home furnishing websites please do share in the comments box!

I love these fairy lights with a twist

I adore this seat! How adorable! I would love to buy it but I've got a feeling it would become a doggy seat!

I really want this door mat, I think it's really cute

I'd love this teapot for my kitchen :)


In & Out



Farmville. I am so obsessed with this game on Facebook. I only joined up to give my Sister an extra neighbour and now I spend half my time on it! It is so addictive.

Having a night out to look forward to. Me and my 2 best girlies are going out on Friday night for a spot of karaoke and drunken antics!

Christmas. It's getting closer and I'm so so excited for it!

Loads of films at the cinema that I want to see. Up, Saw 6, The Invention of Lying, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, to name a few!


The weather. I don't mind cold weather or snow, but rain is just plain pants!

STILL looking for a house to move to that will accept pets. The only places that say yes are either no good or don't have a garden! House hunting has turned from really fun to a pain in the bum.

My skin. I am having so many problems with it. People are starting to comment on it which is never a good thing. I say - 'if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything!'

Twitter. Too many snide comments and arguments breaking out. It should be fun!


My 1st Barry M nail polish


305 - Pink Flamingo

What a great shade! A perfect summery shade, and great for jazzing up a black outfit now that winter is approaching!

I picked up a nail polish for my Sister a couple of weeks back, and ever since I have wanted to get my hands on one for myself.

There are so many great shades. I am definitely going to get Racing Green and Bright Purple - 2 gorgeous colours.

What is your favourite Barry M polish?


Turning over a new leaf


As some of you know I have talked about weight loss before and have always started with the best intentions, but then slowly gone back to my usual routine.

Lately I have had takeaways more nights than I've had home-cooked food, and as from today this is going to STOP!

I am really unhappy with how I look in my clothes and there's only one person who can change that and that is me. I need to stop making excuses and actually do something about it.

I am looking forward to trying out new recipes, especially home-made soup and things like that. Tonight I took inspiration from Kelly's videos and made a chicken noodle soup with lots of nice chunky bits of cabbage, onion and green beans. And lots of herbs and spices.

I am going to increase my water intake and am going to try to stick to it (hopefully I will see an improvement in my skin too).

There is no way I could ever cut out takeaways or treats, but I'm going to make them a once a week thing rather than an every day occurrence.

I am looking for new and exciting ways to exercise - I don't mind the gym but it's kinda boring sometimes don't you think?

Nothing like a picture of Tracy Anderson to put the Jaffa Cakes down!!

Let me know what you guys do for exercise to give me some ideas!


Outfit of the day


Lola wanted to show you her new raincoat. It is blue with a lovely bone design. There is a pocket on the back and a little hood.

She thinks it is ideal for keeping her dry in the rainy months and Lily is very jealous :)


Lush: Snow Fairy


I discovered this shower gel last winter when I used to pinch it from my sister (sorry Adele! ;)) She is a bit of a Lush fiend and always has plenty of goodies to pinch, erm I mean borrow!

This stuff smells divine, I could sniff it all day long. It has got a real fruity, bubblegum-y smell to it. It is bright pink with sparkly speckles and a real treat to use in the shower.

I got the 250g bottle which is £5.95, but there is also a 100g and a 500g to choose from.

I will definitely be stocking up on this as it's only available during the winter/Christmas time. If you haven't seen already, Lush have got some really great Christmas products and gift boxes. Click here to have a nosy. I particularly like the Secret Santa box set - perfect if you need to buy a Secret Santa pressie for a girly girl at your work :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.


NYX lipsticks


I recently ordered some NYX lipsticks and I have been testing them out this week. I got Strawberry Milk, Circe and Orange Soda. There are so many shades to choose from - click here to have a look.

I thought Strawberry Milk would be my favourite as it's pink, and pinks seem to be my fave at the moment, but I love Circe!! It's the perfect nude shade for me and is a really creamy, non-drying shade. Love love love it. I will definitely be wearing this for work and when I don't fancy rockin a bright colour!

If you are in the UK and want to get hold of some of these, there are several websites to try or Ebay. As long as you don't pay over the odds on P&P these lipsticks are an absolute bargain!! I think 3 is enough for me for now though :)

Have you tried any NYX products yet? Let me know what you think.


Recent hair products: tried and tested


I have tried out a few new hair products lately that I wanted to share with you. First of all I was in dire need of a new hairbrush so I went to Asda and picked up an Andrew Barton hairbrush designed to give volume and keep hair smoother and cleaner for longer. I also picked up some Andrew Barton I Love Volume mousse.

- I love the brush! It is perfect for achieving sleek hair and blow drying the ends under.
- The mousse makes my hair feel slightly sticky and dry if I don't use a serum on the ends, but there is definitely an improvement in the volume at the root. I have never found a mousse that works well for me though. Dang!

I got the James Brown Straightening Balm a few weeks ago and was excited to try it out. The first time I had plenty of time to blow dry my hair and I achieved really glossy hair (see below) but every time I have tried to use it since I have ended up with lank locks.

On Sunday I used it as I was going to a family occasion and wanted to have my hair down and looking spesh.. but not only did it take me ABSOLUTELY AGES to get my hair to feel dried, but I had what can only be described as a greasy residue left behind. My hair looked and felt rubbish! :(

Finally, I was kindly sent some hair products to try out from the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure range. I have tried products in the range before as my old hairdressers stocked them and I was really impressed, so I couldn't wait to give these a whirl.

The range contains Amino Cell Rebuild technology and aims to rebuild the hair's inner cell architecture and restore each type of hair to its natural beauty.

The shampoo I received is in the Color Save range and is a silver shampoo for grey and lightened hair. This stuff is great! It is bright purple and "contains silver pigments to enrich the shimmer of cool colour tones and eliminate brassy colour". This makes my blonde colour look shiny and like it has just been coloured. I would definitely repurchase this. The RRP is £8.65.

I don't use the shampoo every day, I use it every 3 washes or something like that.

I have also tried out the Color Save conditioner which is for colour-treated hair. This is a "creamy rinse out formula to seal and protect the hair and lock in colour".

I don't love this as much as the shampoo, but it does the trick of keeping my colour looking fresh and it is really moisturising.

The conditioner retails for £9.85.
I also received a split end treatment which I will talk about another time :)


River Island goodies


I really like River Island at the moment. I go through phases of loving it and then hating everything in there. But at the moment it is definitely a love phase!

Do you like my new hat? I saw it and had to buy it, even though I'm not a hat person and I have no idea when I'll wear it. But now that the weather is turning colder I will have plenty of opportunities :) It's so cute!

I also picked up this jumper which is gorgeous. It has a tie which can be tied at the front or back and it's dead slouchy - it looks great with skinny jeans!

I love buying clothes for Winter. I find it much easier and more enjoyable dressing for the colder weather.

Have you bought anything from River Island lately?


Super Pug


Gold digger


This is my first China Glaze nail polish and wow, what a colour! It is called Gold Digger and it's a really bright gold glittery colour.

I spotted this a few weeks ago and decided it would be perfect for winter and the festive season! I ordered it from an Ebay power seller who specialises in nail polish - if you would like to know the account then just ask me in the comments box and I will let you know. Delivery was really speedy and it was free P&P.

The colour didn't disappoint when I tried it out!

It's not my usual colour choice but it is definitely going to have a few outings over the next few months. I love it :)

What is your favourite China Glaze colour?


In & Out


Dark chocolate digestive biscuits = YUM!

Bones. I have been watching the series one box set back to back on an evening and they are really good! A bit of eye candy in the form of David Boreanaz helps :)

Christmas. Yes I know it is only just October but Christmas is my favourite time of the year. Not only does it mean lots of time off work and lots of eating/drinking/being merry, but it means I can spend lots of money and not feel guilty because it's all presents for other people! :) Plus the German market that comes to Leeds is fab!

Faux fur and cosy winter coats hitting the shelves.


Being poorly. For 2 weeks I haven't felt 100% and have really been struggling to do anything apart from work and sleep. For me to have no energy to blog means there is definitely something wrong!

Trying to find a new house to rent that will allow pets! My little babies are no trouble, honest! ;)

Lacking motivation to lose weight. I have been seriously lazy lately. Being ill = wanting comfort food! Not good...

A couple of bookends


Rimmel: Beige Style


I haven't been feeling very well all week, so this evening I decided to do some nail polish shopping to cheer me up. I had a basket full of bright colours, then I realised that I wanted a polish I could wear for work so I had a look for nude, beige and pale pink colours instead.

I spotted the Rimmel Pro polishes and I liked the sound of the maxi brush. Anything that makes painting my nails quicker and easier is surely a good thing!

I picked up Beige Style and thought it was perfect.

I don't like having too many coats of polish on, so I have applied one coat and some Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff over the top.

It is subtle and perfect for work.

What do you prefer? Bright colours or nude colours?

I have got my eye on the mint green Barry M polish to cheer me up through the Winter!


And the winner is....

Thanks to all of you that entered my Maybelline giveaway. I had loads of entries and some super sweet comments so a huge "thanks" for that! It was great to get some feedback on what you like to read!

To pick a winner I assigned everyone a number and those of you who blogged about my contest got 2 numbers.

I used to generate a random number and the lucky winner is...

Please email me your address hun -

Sorry I couldn't give away more prizes to some runner ups. Next time I promise!