This and that..


I was tagged by Makeup and Madness to do this tag, so here I go!

Galaxy or Dairy Milk??

Dairy Milk, preferably the Turkish Delight one :)

Coke or Pepsi??

Either, as long as it is diet

Tesco or Asda??

I honestly have no preference! I will shop anywhere that happens to be the most convenient, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, even Aldi! :O

Mascara or Lipgloss??


Cat or Dog??

Dog of course! Although I love cats too and my parents have 3 cute cats. Take a look at Tufty. He is the man!!

He obviously can't read the sign :)

Twilight or True Blood??

Twilight. Never seen True Blood. EEK!

Summer or Winter??

Winter. I love winter clothes as opposed to summery ones, and I love Christmas!

Edward or Jacob??

Team Edward! haha

TV or Films??

Films. I much prefer going to the cinema and I don't watch much tv.

Texts or Phone Calls??

Texts. If I can avoid a phone conversation I will.

Twitter or Facebook??

Twitter. I used to love Facebook but lately I have thought about deleting it. 90% of the people on my friends list are people I don't want to speak to/they don't want to speak to me! Seems a bit silly.

Beach or City??

Beach. For definite! My idea of a fab holiday is sitting on a beach for 2 weeks, reading, sunbathing and paddling in the sea. No sightseeing for me! lol.

I tag anyone!



  1. that cat is giant! :D

  2. Great tag and oh my GAWD your cat is such a cutie pie!!! That is such a gorgeous photo, too cute! Is he Persian? I've got a Persian/Chinchilla and he looks pretty similar to Tufty, so cute!!
    And I agree, Beach all the way :)
    Btw, hope you don't mind I added your blog to a list of some of my faves :)

  3. I love cats :) That fluffy one is so gorgeous! xx

  4. I much prefer winter clothes too, snuggly hats and mittens :) x

  5. I'm with you on the Twitter/FB thing.

    I really wanna watch True Blood!!! I have it on my amazon wishlist to buy when it is released here!


  6. ooh you really do have to watch true blood! it is really worth it. i was an obsessive twilight fan but have fallen in love with true blood and refuse to choose between the two!

  7. thanks guys. i will have to check out true blood soon! xx

    @sarah - yes he is a persian. my parents have 2 persians and a ragdoll. so so cute! xx

  8. Oh my god, Tufty IS the man!