Illamasqua event - Manchester


As some of you know, Illamasqua held two events this week; one in London and one in Manchester. I was invited to the Manchester event which took place yesterday evening. The events were both centered around the new Dystopia collection which you can read all about on the Illamasqua website.

I headed over to Manchester with Hele and Holly and before the event we had time to do a bit of shopping and makeup browsing! I picked up a lovely tshirt from Zara which I will blog about seperately.

The relaxing afternoon took a turn for the worst when I witnessed a man stealing a woman's handbag while we were having a drink in Starbucks. I shot out of my seat as soon as I realised what had happened but by this point the 'tea-leaf' had looked round, noticed we had all noticed and started to run away!

Next thing I know, me, Hele and Holly are running after him into Next! We even blocked the exits so he couldn't escape!

Kind of like this....

He must have legged it out of the back entrance of the store as we couldn't find him, and the poor lady didn't get her handbag back. But we did our best for her! :(

The event itself was really good and I had such an enjoyable evening!

The venue, Ithaca, was gorgeous and on our arrival we got an interesting looking cocktail which went down a treat after our hectic crime-fighting antics! There were makeup samples on the tables for us to look at. I particularly liked the bright pink lipstick. Also the food was SO yummy and there was plenty of it. Lots of sushi and oriental -style food, and lots more alcohol!

Alex Box and Jen aka MizzWorthy after having her makeup done

Alex spoke to us about the new Dystopia range which is a "futuristic vision of a fractured and dark society. A world of broken shadows and stark light. A distorted, nightmarish, mad reality". To read a little bit more about Alex, click here.

The lovely Kelly

There were also 2 ladies who spoke to us about The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, one of which was Sophie's mum, and it was very moving to hear. You can read all about the foundation if you click here. Please do! Sophie was brutally attacked and killed just for looking "different". The foundation has been set up to stamp out hatred and also to make people more tolerant and accepting, and not to judge on appearance.

Finishing the evening off with huge ice cream sundaes at Hard Rock Cafe :)

Thanks to the Illamasqua team for a great event! I love the concept of the brand and the staff were a really friendly and welcoming team.



  1. Go Charlies Angels!! Ice cream looks fab xx

  2. aww no about the lady :( where you in the arndale when it happened?
    the event was lovely, so sorry i didn't speak to you properly, i was a little nervous and when i'm like that i get shy!

  3. looks like you had a fab time! I can't wait to see dystopia. How awful about that ladies bag! I laughed when i saw the charlies angels picture! xxx

  4. where was the event held? was it like in selfridges or was it a venue? x

  5. looks like a fun event!
    so sad about sophie lancaster though!

  6. Hahaha love the Charlies angels pictures! Was great to see you yesterday. Xx

  7. aww it looks like you had a lovely time at the event, shame about the poor lady being robbed though :(

  8. LMAO! I can imagine you three running after him! ...crimestoppers! Ever thought of joining the police! Lol! Glad u had fun! xx

  9. looks like you guys had a great the pictures...xoxo

  10. way to go! saving the day one bag theif at a time. :)

  11. Gorgeous photos! Looks like so much! And those sundaes look amazingggg!!!
    Atleast you tried to help, I'm sure she would have been very appreciative!

  12. Aw, you're so nice trying to help that lady! x

  13. so lovely to meet you Victoria fellow crime fighter, hahaxxx

  14. Such a good story, shame about the bag. Looks like a great event, so jealous you get to go to so many!

  15. @J - oh it was, it was yummy! i was soo full after. xx

    @loulabelle - yeah in the arndale. she had to report all her missing things :( i get shy like that too! i hate social situations, lol. xx

    @daisybee - that's what we were like! we sprung into action! lol. xx

  16. @boo - i updated the post with a link to the venue :) xx

    @nicole - yeah very sad. it was hard to listen to! xx

    @hele - great to see you too! xx

  17. @rosa - it was awful seeing her so upset. her passport was in her bag! total nightmare. xx

    @holly - yeah, i would be ace kicking butt! xx

    @lola - glad you enjoyed the post. xx

  18. @pixiwoo - glad you enjoyed :) xx

    @vivalafashion - exactly! gotta stop them in their tracks, the nasty pasties! xx

    @sarah - the icecream was lovely. i got a hot brownie fudge icecream concoction :) xx

  19. @blogspotbeauty - i would want someone to help me too. plus she was so shocked, literally frozen in shock! xx

    @holly - haha. great to meet you too! xx

    @kb - it was a great event. xx

  20. Haha love the Charlie's Angels antics! I would expect no less from you Victoria, very impressed.
    The event looks great! X