Holiday favourites


During my stay in Gibraltar I had to use my sisters toiletries as we only took hand luggage so we couldn't carry big liquids. I must say it was great not waiting by the carousel wondering whether my suitcase had made it too!

I used 3 products which I loved and wanted to share with you.

First up is Loreal De-maq expert- Elixir Concentrate Ultra Make-up Remover. Wow, that is a mouthful! This stuff is FANTASTIC for removing makeup, even my Double Wear foundation which is usually a pain to shift. It can be used on the eyes and lips too so it is really good for removing mascara and lipstick.

The next thing I used was a Molton Brown bodywash - re-charge black pepper. This stuff smells divine and is for men and women which is pretty cool. It is a tad pricey at £16.00 but I might just have to treat myself to some. I love Molton Brown products!

When styling my hair I would use a generous dollop of Tigi Catwalk - Fashionista which I distributed evenly through my wet hair. This stuff was great at giving me smooth and sleek hair and made blow drying really easy.

Do you use any of these products?


  1. I use fashionista, I love the smell! x

  2. I love the fashionista range, i swear by the conditioner it is amazing!xx

  3. i dont use any of these, but i should! especially fashionista. LOVE catwalk products

  4. I use the fashionista shampoo and conditioner and i love it. I have also used the loreal stuff for about a year now, it's amazing, removes everything so easily and a tube lasts me absolutely ages! x

  5. @J - me too! it made me wanna slap loads on coz it smelt so delish :) xx

    @daisybee - i will have to check out the rest of the range! xx

    @nicole - yeah have a look if you can. this stuff is really good for getting straight and smooth hair. xx

    @hele - it is soo good at removing my foundation and mascara! i am going to get my own tube :) xx

  6. I love the Fashionista heat protector - I need to buy some more, my last bottle got taken off me at the airport... I had left it in my hand luggage and security confiscated it... I wasn't happy at all!x

  7. @lionlovingtiger - damn! it is expensive too! :( xx

  8. I hated L'oreal De-Maq. I bought it after reading rave reviews and i thought it was crap. I chucked it away in the end. I really expected miracles when I bought it but it just didn't live up to the reviews for me.

  9. @vexinthecity - oh dear. you're the only person who i know who hates it! xx