What I'm using right now..


I was tagged by Hele to do this tag, and in return I will tag a couple of people at the bottom.

Shampoo - Clynol I.D. Care - colour care shampoo

Conditioner - Clynol I.D. Care - colour care conditioner

Styling products - Tigi S Factor Moisture Serum and TreSemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray

Shower gel - Palmolives Naturals shower milk 'calming'

Body moisturiser - Usually none, or occasionally Anatomicals

Deodorant - Right Guard, and it is hopeless! White marks everywhere!

Fake tan - Fake Bake original lotion

Cleanser - The Body Shop seaweed cleanser

Toner - The Body Shop seaweed toner

Exfoliator - Garnier Pure Active blackhead clearing scrub

Primer - None

Foundation brush - E.L.F.

Concealer - Eyeko Touch Up & Go or Benefit Boi-ing

Powder - 17 loose powder used with E.L.F. face brush

Blusher - Benefit Thrrrob.

Bronzer - A cheapo 17 one. I reeally want to invest in a better one though. Suggestions welcome!

Highlighter - None

Eyeshadow base - None

Eyeshadows - At the moment mainly colours from my 2 Sleek palettes: Safari and Curious which you can check out here and here. I love these palettes, they are so handy, the colours are gorgeous and they are cheap as chips!

Eyeliner - MAC Fluidline in black

Curler - Usually none but I have got a Pout one and a Primark one in my makeup bag. Both quite good.

Mascara - Either Benefit Bad Gal or Natural Collection

Lipstick - I'm currently trying out some of the paler Body Shop lipsticks from the event last week.

Lipgloss - Benefit - Her Glossiness in 'Life on the A List'

Nail colour - Nails inc - Jermyn Street which you can check out here!

I tag:

Kelly @ Kelanjo19
Cat @ Reaching For The Stars
Carlinn @ Superficial Girls
Carla @ Girl With The Golden Touch



  1. some good products there! ive never tried clynol, quite fancy trying it, what is it like on the hair? ok for hair that gets greasy and needs volume? xx

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know about the comment feature not working on my blog, I did a test and all seems to be working now...how odd!

  3. @phoebe - yes definitely! i have to wash my hair every morning because it gets greasy easily, but i also like it to be bouncy and have volume and i find the clynol stuff works really well.

    my hairdresser gets it from the wholesalers for me. £16 for both the shampoo & conditioner in 1 litre bottles!


  4. @macalicious - no problem. i would want someone to tell me! :) xx

  5. The Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer is great. If you want a cream one though go for Chanel. It's amazing. Your skin just glows with it

  6. The best bronzer I have ever used and that I go back to time after time is just a Rimmel one, it's fantastic and even better cos its only about a fiver!

    Will do the tag tonight :) xxx

  7. @legseleven7 - i might give the barry m one a go! thanks for the suggestions. xx

  8. @ditzymakeup - feel free to do it! xx

  9. @carla - oh cool. i hardly use rimmel stuff but i will have to check out the bronzers! xx

  10. oooh. that sounds really good. i might have to get some... ive got so many shampoos though, must make myself wait until at least a couple are used up. problem is that even though i wash my hair almost every day, for some reason it takes me months and months to finish anything! xx

  11. @phoebe - i used to have a zillion bottles too but since trying clynol i have been sticking to it! i am thinking about trying something else just to mix it up a bit, because i think my hair loses its shine when it gets used to one brand. xx