The Ultimate Five (tag)


A HUGE thanks to Lauren Loves for tagging me on this. I was very flattered to hear that I was one of the first blogs she started to read regularly! It is a nice feeling and very strange because I always think my blog is pooh compared to some others! I put a lot of effort into it and spend a lot of time reading my comments and replying (just ask my boyfriend, he feels like 2nd best to my blog sometimes..oops!) so I'm glad you guys like to read it!

Go check out Lauren's blog if you haven't done so already. Her blog is really good and she deserves way more 'followers'!

Oh my. I also just remembered that Cat at Swirledpeacat tagged me for this too! Thank you chick! Hers is another blog you should all check out too. So go have a peek if you haven't already!

So, there's three parts to this tag. First off, a shout out to five blogs you love to read (a sentence or so to say why you love them), then tell us five things you love and five facts about yourself. Simples!

The first part is hard. I love so many blogs and I have tagged loads of my faves recently, and it makes me feel bad for all the blogs I don't mention. So, I am going to tag nobody and say I love everybody!

Ok.. five things I love:

1. Christmas. It is the best time of year. All the shops are full of Christmas gifts and decorated in sparkly lights. There is food and drink flowing everywhere. And of course there are presents aplenty! :) My new job closes over Christmas too, what a bonus!

2. My dogs. And animals in general. You all know that anyway though :)

3. Money. I love having enough money in the bank to feel comfortable. I love being able to buy new things that make me feel more confident and I like little treats like the cinema and going out for dinner.

4. Smart cars. I own a Silver Smart which I showed you all in a previous post once, and my car before that was a Smart too. They are so nice to drive. They aren't slow like some people think, they are actually quite speedy and I can nip into small parking spaces no problemo!
Plus they are quite a 'green' car and road tax is only £35 a year! Get in! I would LOVE a pink one. Perhaps that can be my next car..

5. Cake. I am a total cake fiend, and I really wish I wasn't so that I could lose a few pounds. You name it, I like it! My favourites are battenburg, french fancies, coconut tarts, lemon curd tarts and fruit cake! YUM!

Five facts about me:

1. My middle name is Claire.

2. My starsign is Aquarius. Supposedly that makes me friendly and a humanitarian (true), honest and loyal (true), original and inventive (not so sure on that one), and unpredictable (unfortunately true!)

3. I have one sister who is 2 years older and the complete opposite to me. She has black hair, green eyes, is very tanned, and she is so laid back (unlike me.. I'm a total stress head!) Hello Adele! :)

4. People who have heard me sing tell me I'm quite good. My family want me to audition for X Factor, it is never going to happen! I'm too shy, too scared of failure and I would hate to be famous/on the tv so why bother! I'm happy sticking to karaoke, and 'Lips' at Christmas time with my family. lol.

5. When I was little I had a really bad asthma attack and asthma affected me in my younger years quite badly, and occasionally it still troubles me as an adult. It turned out I was allergic to most animal hair/fur and peanuts, and the day of my 1st attack I had eaten a tub of peanuts and slept on a feather pillow. I am no longer allergic to peanuts and me/my parents have had lots and lots of fluffy animals over the years none of which I'm allergic to!

Thanks for reading guys! xxx


  1. Aww, thanks for such a lovely mention.
    Very lovely of you.
    I can't believe I forgot to mention Christmas on the things I love! I'm like a big kid every year!
    You should definitely audition for X Factor!!! xx

  2. hi victoria
    nice post! nice new blog layout :) thank you for your lovely get well comment on my blog im outta hospital and recovering in bed now!
    much love! xx

  3. lilyloveslola- I <3 your blog. It is so real and classy :D. I agree with Lauren. You should audition for X FACTOR ! <3

  4. @lauren - christmas is the best! love it. infact, i can't blimmin wait for it! :D xx

  5. @vik - i'm glad you're ok! and i'm glad you like my new blog design.xx

  6. @ileana - wow thanks! such a lovely compliment! xx

  7. Heya, I just started reading your blog and OMG when I read that you have a smart car! I have one too! I love it sooo much - its a black four seater one, so awesome! Only this week my little car has to get all fixed up at the shop, so they are loaning me a 2 seater! I am so excited to drive it!
    Loving your blog, would mean a lot if you could check out mine.

  8. @melissa - they are brill, you will love driving the 2 seater!!

    i will check out your blog now. xx

  9. nice to learn a little more about you :)