This weeks clothes purchases


I have been a bit naughty this week. As well as my new sunglasses I have bought a few new items, mainly for my new job as I want to look smart on my 1st day :)

I spotted this Barbara Hulanicki top whilst walking past the sale rail in Topshop and it caught my eye because I recently saw Zoella wearing it and thought it was lovely. It was only £15 which is a bargain considering it is such a gorgeous print and lovely material too.

I also got a lovely long cardigan from H&M which I haven't photographed due to constantly wearing it since buying it :) It was £14.99 which is a fairly good price as it's quite good quality. It's hand wash only though. Grr, annoying.

I don't normally buy sale items but I have bought something else from the sale, this time a smart skirt from River Island which was reduced to £12. I thought it would look nice to wear at my new job. It is grey and plain, but there is some ruching which adds a nice detail to it. I thought it would look nice with a white shirt tucked in.

I have wanted a blazer for ages and I saw this one in Miss Selfridge a few weeks ago. Today I had a hunt round Leeds and tried a few places but this Miss S one is the best fit and the one I liked the best. It was £45.

I will be able to wear it for work and with skinny jeans too so hopefully I will get lots of wear out of it.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far? Today after shopping my boyfriend treated me to lunch at Wagamama and I had a delicious chicken noodle soup. I gave the chopsticks a go but in the end gave in and asked for a fork because I was starving and wanted to shovel it in! :)

We got absolutely soaked today. It was raining cats and dogs! How is the weather where you are today? I'm absolutely sick of the rain, it is non stop!

We have played the lottery tonight for the first time in absolutely ages. Fingers crossed! If we win the jackpot I will buy all my followers a drink!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to having Sunday roast at my mum and dads house :) And on Sunday night I will be a bag of nerves ready to start work on Monday morning. 8.30am start, jeez!

Lots of love, xxx


  1. I start work at 8.30 am too - you get used to it, honest!

    I got an amazing jacket similar to yours in zara the other day and I love it so much. Just need to find a cute floral dress to team with it as so far only wear it with skirt/shirt combo at work - although I still think it looks good even if I do say so myself!


  2. Love your posts, they're so, real, if that makes sense!
    Good luck with the job hun you'll be fantastic, let us know how it goes and the blazer by the way

  3. I love the fit of that Miss S blazer! Love the skirt also x

  4. love all those clothes, will look great for work, good luck for monday!! xx

  5. I absolutely love the blazer! You did well :) xx

  6. aw i've been on the lookout for a blazer too! That one's really nice! I've been looking at some from new look! Great Post hun! xx

  7. Good luck with the job! :) You'll do well, don't worry. :)

  8. I like everything you got, especially the blazer... Luckily we're having really nice, warm and sunny weather! xxx

  9. Mmm chicken ramen :) im a bit of a wagamama veteran! you should get the cookbook if youre into cooking, its super easy to make from home xx

  10. I love the grey skirt! I think a white top tucked in would be so chic!!!

    I'm so excited for you!

  11. Oh my gawd, I think I'm in love with that blazer!

  12. * follow my fashion blog anyone at all!
    Here's the link:

  13. you'll def have to do some posts of you wearing these lovely new clothes! i love them, especially the top Zoe has. Ughh, the weather here in Arizona (US) was 112 degrees!! HOT! :(

  14. I love the first top it is lovely! All the items are so pretty! :)
    Your background and blog are amazing :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment :)


  15. Jealous of your roast...I'm having a microwave curry, just not the same!

    You can pinch my doggles if I can pinch yours!

    nicola xx

  16. I love Wagamama, so good. Love the blazer!

    Good luck with the job! x

  17. I love the blazer trend but I haven't got one. If I did I'd love a black one!

    I had a good day yesterday when it was rainging. I was outside in the rain in a deep, heated swimming pool! It was so much fun

  18. I've wanted that blazer for so long!

  19. love the bh for ts top, so pretty. i like your new layout too :) good luck for tomorrow xoxo

  20. Love the skirt and blazer!

    It has been lovely and sunny here all of last week and the weekend.. that is going to change this week though :( At least I can finally feel spring and summer on the way!

    Enjoy your roast (Mmmm!!) and good luck for tomorrow!!! xox

  21. love the shirt...really gorgeous...

  22. everything is so lovely, i love the new design btw it's so pretty ♥

  23. Nice sale steals! Love the blazer - they really do look good with everything, don't they?

  24. @cat - i used to work 8 till 5.30 so at least it's not as bad as that!
    i saw a lovely blazer in zara.. gorgeous! but £70 :( xx

    @stacey - aw thanks! great compliment! xx

    @cheatedhearts - the skirt looks lovely on. i wore it today :) xx

    @becky - thank you :) xx

    @clemmie - the blazer is my favourite too :) xx

    @holly - i looked in new look but they didn't fit me properly. the miss s one is a great fit! xx

  25. @beautifulnemo - thanks hun! xx

    @rocaille - lucky you! it has been raining here all day!! grr xx

    @rogue - i was saying to my boyfriend id love to cook things like that. i will have to check the cookbook out :) xx

    @elizabethmarie - i wore the skirt today and it looked great! xx

    @leanne - hehe. glad you like it! xx

  26. @courtney - i will try and do some fotd's this week! trying to lose a bit of weight 1st though.. :( xx

    @kirsty - thank you. glad you like my blog!! xx

    @nicola - we could do a swap for a day! i bet yours are better behaved than mine! lol. xx

    @lil - it was my 1st time there but i am definitely going to go more often. gorgeous food! xx

  27. @luc - i like black ones too but having 3 dogs it's impractical due to dog hairs everywhere! it's a nightmare. xx

    @daisychain - go get it! they had loads left. xx

    @pinkbow - thank you, and i'm glad you like the new layout! xx

    @sarah - jealous of your sunny weather! :( xx

    @lola - yeah it's lovely isn't it :) xx

  28. @suzannah - thanks hun. glad you like it! xx

    @tink - well you have great taste so that is a good compliment! xx

    @mj - they are very versatile. i'm hoping i will wear it quite a bit and get my moneys worth! xx