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Hi guys,

I am trying not to get bigheaded but I have been nominated for so many lovely tags/awards lately that I have had trouble keeping up! "Thanks" to everyone who thinks of me on their list of favourites, it really means a lot. And if I don't mention it on my blog it's because I genuinely forget or I don't make a note to do it. Feel free to remind me!! :)

Monika at Rocaille and Carlinn at Superficial Girls both nominated me for this award so I'm going to pass it on!

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!

My 5 current obsessions are:

1) My blog/Twitter/You Tube/Blog tv. I am a total internet whore at the moment!

2) Come Dine With Me. I love this programe! I love the narrator, the bitchiness and seeing all the yummy food.

3) My course. I didn't want to say too much on this until I knew whether I liked it or not, but I'm rubbish at keeping quiet. I'm a Beauty Therapy student! I started at college yesterday and the course will last until next February (it's every Saturday). The first day went well and I'm excited at learning a completely new subject!

4) Nail polish. I have started getting the urge to paint my nails all the time, which isn't good news because I will have to remove it every Saturday from now on for college! Doh!

5) Trying to look my age. The people at my new job seem to think I'm between the 17 to 19 mark. I'm TWENTY FOUR! Do I really look so young???

I nominate 5 fabulous blogs that I have not nominated before:

A Fashionable Affair



  1. Oooh the course sounds like fun. I'd love to do something like that p/t.

  2. I feel the same about nail varnish... plus there are loads that i want to buy atm!

  3. Yay for the course, we will know who to ask for insider beauty advice! xxx

  4. Thank you for the tag! :) xx

  5. Id say you look 20.. :P
    Its a good think.. when they look 50 youll look 30!! xx

  6. oh wow good luck with the course! it's so much fun learning new things! and be sure to keep us all updated with what secrets you learn.
    and i am completely with you on the come dine with me obsession, though you should watch four weddings as welll - hilarious! x

  7. Cool. Good luck with your course.

    Ps - I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment, you should check it out :)

  8. I'm obsessed with come dine with me too! I especially love the voice-over guy, some of his comments are hilarious! X

  9. I completely feel the same way about come dine with me, the V+ box is set to record them all lol what a saddo I am! I love that sarcastic bloke he is hilarious! Did you see the one where Peter Stringfellow was entertaining and his sink collapsed? Classic! I am Sarah by the way, really enjoy reading your blog and have just started my own if you ever fancy having a look http://macalicious-iheartcosmetics.blogspot.com/ xx

  10. aww congrats on the beauty therapy course thats awesome!! Im thinking of enrolling in photography one night a week.. gonna go check these fab blogs out now! :)
    much love! xx

  11. Congrats on your awards, and good luck with your course. I've looked into that kind of thing and it sounds so interesting! I always look younger than I am, I just figure that when I am older I'll appreciate it :)

  12. I love Come Dine With Me too, the narrator is hilarious! i wish i could cook like some of the people on there. :) xx

  13. I'm with you on Twitter, nail polish and Come Dine With Me - it's my new Location, Location, Location - love!

    To add to your awards cabinet - I've nominated you aswell - great blog.x

  14. ahhhh she's my lady hamster! Everyone always thinks she's a bloke, haha! She's actually wallace's big sis, had her for over a year now. She's a little scaredy cat, i love her!

    And I definitely feel your pain with the not looking your age thing. People aalllllways think I'm about 17 and I'm 24. Gets really frustrating sometimes, cos I definitely notice people speaking down to me. Which angers me because, even if I was 17...doesn't mean you can be mean!

    Rant over

    nicola xx

  15. i agree with the twitter obsession! i can't get enough of it!
    and hope your course goes well :)
    ps i've tagged you on my blog :)

  16. I nominated you for another one on my blog hun! x

  17. Congratulations on all of the awards! :)

    I LOVE 'Come Dine With Me', the narrator is hillarious! ;)

    ~Kirsty x

  18. haha i'm sorry but i've tagged you for another award on my blog! x x

  19. I've got a special tag for you on my blog aswell missy! Have a peek when you can :) x

  20. Beauty/Therapy sounds like such an amazing course! I love learning new things. Good for you. :)

    And I agree, your blog IS fabulous.

  21. @vexinthecity - go for it!! i am so glad that i did. xx

    @phoebe - i have to stop myself coz i know i won't use them all enough! xx

    @rocaille - yes definitely! i have learnt so much already. xx

    @jo - no probs! xx

  22. @tali - i am happy with 20. but 17 and 18 is like WHATTT! xx

    @claire eloise - i love four weddings too! hilarious. xx

    @beingbrazen - thanks for the luck! xx

    @hele - i love how he takes the p*ss out of them, hehe. xx

  23. @macalicious - no i haven't but i reeeally need to watch it! sounds hilarious! haha. xx

    @vik - photography would be amazing and really interesting. xx

    @butterly - yeah exactly. hopefully when i'm 50 i will look 30!! xx

    @felicity - i could never be on there. it would be beans on toast! lol. xx

  24. @lionlovingtiger - thanks for the tag!! xx

    @nicola - agreed! people treat me like i'm stupid because they think i am really young! xx

    @amanda - :) xx

    @loulabelle - thanks for the tag! xx

  25. @rachel - thanks chick! xx

    @lilee - aww thanks so much. i really appreciate it. xx

    @daisychain - :) xx

    @kirsty - he is! he makes me laugh. xx

  26. @claire eloise - haha, brill! thanks hun xx

    @rogue - thank youu! xx

    @morena - the course is great so far. it seems like a good career choice! xx