I think you are an awesome girl...


I was tagged by Claire Eloise for this award, thank you! If you haven't seen her blog already you can check it out here.

I have to give you all 10 facts about me and nominate 10 lovely blogs!

1. I have no tattoos but I LOVE Kat Von D and often wish I could cover myself in tattoos and look as fabulous as her. But I would worry that one day I'd wake up and not want them anymore..

2. I can't stand the look or feel of mushrooms.

3. I still have a nightie that I got when I was 11. It's from Tammy Girl and I can't bear to throw it away. I wear it occasionally and am amazed it still fits me!

4. I'm addicted to tea and drink it constantly. I'm drinking a cup right now :)

5. When I was little I played guitar, played percussion, was in the school choir, did ballet, tap, and went to Brownies. My life seems so boring now in comparison!

6. I am trying to learn how to knit again. I would like to knit dog jumpers :)

7. I would like 2 children; a boy and a girl, and I have some names picked out which are all quite unusual.

8. I don't have much luck with mobile phones. I am always dropping them on the floor and down the toilet and such..

9. I have not seen my natural hair colour in a long long time.

10. I get bored easily. See fact number 5. I tend to start a lot of things and give up at the first hurdle.

I am going to tag 10 great blogs that I haven't tagged before:



  1. I've had so many cups of tea today! I love them! I'm quite partial to a cup of Lady Grey :)

  2. Tammy Girl lol! Great post xx

  3. Awww thank you so much for the tag Victoria :D Can't wait to do this xxx

  4. Thanks for the tag loves I will get on it like a car bonnet. Braaap x

  5. I have pjymas from tammy girl too!! Haha brings back memories.

    I am tagging yoouu
    'WHAT *IS* YOUR MAKE UP BAG TAG' --> @ http://jenniferrosellen.blogspot.com/

    If i have this 'tagging' all wrong then forgive me !! xxx

  6. Some great facts! Tammy girl, what a blast from the past! Ha :)

  7. Noooo, mushrooms are the best! lol xx

  8. Get a tattoo! Obviously after thinking about it long and hard.. but seriously, I know it's not a nice thing to say but you could die tomorrow! Anyone could! Don't think about the future too hard :) xox

  9. Posts like there are so much fun to read!!

    I have a nightie from when I was 6.. the boy I liked at that age gave it to me for my 6th birthday and I LOVED it so I wore it quite a bit and still have it. It obviously does not still fit me, haha.

    I LOVE tea, earl grey is my fave <3 xx

  10. I start so many projects and never finish also. I have two skirts that I blogged about that I was going to make...still not a stitch done yet LOL!

  11. Thanks for tagging me hun, will get to it if I ever get a lunchbreak at work lol! Tammy girl was the cool place, since I am really tall none of their stuff fitted properly but I still made my mum buy it!

  12. oh how i used to love tammy girl :) hah ox

  13. I love Kat Von D too! I think her style is awesome and she doesn't care what other people think of her. But I definitely couldn't pull it off either, I'm too scared to get a tattoo because I know I'd get sick of it in a few years :)

  14. Not sure if I thanked you for this, so if not - THANKYOU! :)

  15. @daisy - ooh i haven't tried that! might have to :) xx

    @jo - i used to love it there when i was little! what happened to it!? xx

    @laura - no problemo! xx

    @nicola - haha, coolio. xx

  16. @jennifer - thanks for the tag! i will do it soon. xx

    @cbethglitter - haha i know! i love my nightie :) xx

    @clemmie - eee i'm so scared of them! xx

    @lydia - you are totally right. i'm such a wimp though! xx

  17. @sarah - aww what a nice story!! xx

    @sher - i hate being like that, don't you? i wish i could see a project through from start to finish! xx

    @macalicious - no time for blogging at work? tell them you're busy! ;) xx

    @becky - me too :) xx

  18. @glam i am - she is gorgeous isn't she! i would love to be so cool and carefree. sadly i am not :'( xx

    @emma - no problemo! xx

  19. @tackyblueeyeshadow - no probs xx