Beauty buys of the week.. part 3 - the rest!


To finish off the reviews on the products I bought last week I'm going to quickly run through the remaining 3 items. You can read the previous reviews here and here.

Natural Collection Lash build mascara in black
I needed to pick up a cheap mascara to use once my Benefit Bad Gal has run out, so I headed to Boots to browse at some of the cheaper brands. I haven't bought anything from Natural Collection since I was about 14 but looking at the stand I was impressed with the eye shadow colours and the prices - so cheap! This mascara cost me £1.95 and there was an offer for 3 products for £5.

This mascara isn't a contender for any of the bigger names out there, but it is good. I am actually quite impressed with it as I didn't have high hopes for it!

My eyelashes are none existant but just one coat transforms them. When I apply a couple of coats and apply some Bad Gal over the top they look great!

Sally Hansen 'Teflon Tuff'
Once again Home Bargains has come up trumps and I picked this up for 99p. It's a really good top coat which is meant to be applied over wet polish to set it. And it's really good, it does the trick. For 99p it's a great buy!

E.L.F. brushes (bought from for £1.50 each)
 - Total Face brush 
- Blushing, Bronzing & Blending brush  
- Foundation brush  
- Eye Shadow brush

I'm no makeup expert and some of you more serious makeup peeps might not like these brushes but they are great for what I need them for. The total face brush is fab! Really big and great for applying my powder. The foundation brush is good although I do prefer applying my foundation with my fingers but on the days where I want a lighter look/feel this brush is great. My least favourite is probably the blushing,bronzing,blending brush. It feels slightly bristly and I'm not quite sure what to do with it to be honest! I prefer applying my blush with the total face brush.

The brushes were all £1.50 and delivery was cheap. I ordered at lunchtime and my order arrived the very next day! Very impressive service! I would definitely order from e.l.f again.


  1. I love Natural Collection eyeshadows, I weal Sea Shell everyday, it's a great base colour! And Pink Cloud blush is amazing!

  2. What is the blush brush like? I haven't got a good one and really need one! I'm so broke at the moment so a good cheap one would be even better! x

  3. there is nothing wrong with cheap brushes!!!! i dont own any mac brushes on the basis that cheap brushes are just as good!! x

  4. I'm curious to try the ELF brushes, I'm still lacking a few essentials in my collection and prefer to invest a little in good quality brushes but if I can find a cheap one to do the job that's better! How are you finding the eyeshadow brush? Would you buy anymore? Just saw the vid with your dogs in, they're so cute! You should definitely make more vids. xXx

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you, details on my blog! xxx

  6. I like the bronzer brush, but i use it to highlight, mine is pretty soft though.

    I didn't like the foundation brush though, it didn't put the prodcut on evenly, i switched back to fingers!

  7. i just received my elf order today - details on my blog later tonight...

    but i will say that the Studio line seems much better - even though i did order a few of the $1.00 ones -- the studio line brushes are only $3.00 so regardless it's a good deal.

  8. I love Natural Collection. I always know I can rely on them...but always been wary about trying their mascaras out. But it's shocked me - it's done a lot for your lashes in comparison! I definitely reccommend their blushers!

    I really want to apply from E.L.F. but I don't know what I want yet... maybe their golden bronzer but we'll see. The face brush looks very tempting - is it soft?


  9. I have a gorgeous chocolate brown natural collection shadow that i use all the time, theyre the same size as mac shadows, so if you depot they fit perfectly into a palette. xx

  10. Thought I stop by to let u know you've been tagged! :) Check out my blog for more details. xoxo

  11. Think I may have to try Elf myself soon x

  12. @amy - i love the eyeshadows too! i recently had a really good look at them and was so impressed. the price is such a bargain too! xx

    @daisy - i don't like it to be honest. it's a tad small for me. i'm not a pro when it comes to applying blusher so it's probably a good brush but i can't figure out how to use it! it has a sloping bit you see. xx

    @cat - yep! expensive doesn't always mean better. xx

  13. @onyx - the eyeshadow brush is great! i would definitely buy more brushes from the range if i needed them. thanks about the vid! i will hopefully make some vids in the future. xx

    @rocaille - thank you so much!! xx

    @phoebe - i have been using my fingers too, it gives a much better effect. i sometimes use a sponge too. xx

  14. @dee - yeah i have heard good things about those. xx

    @stephanie - in all honesty, i don't find it soft. it does the job but sometimes it feels a bit bristly. xx

    @tabitha - oh cool, i didn't know that! xx

  15. @internationally beautiful - thank you! xx

    @lil - give it a whirl :) xx

  16. The ELF eyeshadow brush is amazing! I couldn't live without mine for packing colour on, and you can even blend pretty well with it :) xxx

  17. @laura - yeah it is pretty good for the price. £1.50, can't go wrong!! xx