Beauty buys of the week - part 1.. Estee Lauder


These are the makeup/beauty products I have bought this week and I'm going to do individual posts about them as and when I have had chance to give them a good test!

On the right you will see Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. I have been using this for the past few years and I absolutely love it! It covers all my blemishes and spotty business, it stays put all day and it has a spf 10.

Lately I have debated trying out something new. I paid a visit to the Dior counter and almost bought the Dior Forever foundation after hearing so many good things about it from a few bloggers. I was very impressed with it. It made my skin look great without being too heavy and it felt lovely on my skin. Unfortunately they didn't have any samples in my colour so I wasn't able to test it out the next day using my usual routine, which I think is quite poor considering the price of the foundation. So, in the end I went back to my trusty Double Wear.

My skin is quite blemish free at the moment and if it stays that way I will definitely purchase Dior Forever foundation at some point in the future so that I have the option to use both, perhaps the Dior as a day time foundation and Double Wear for the evening.
I also got a free gift from Estee Lauder, and as free gifts go this one is a very generous size! It is DayWear Plus which is a 'multi protection anti-oxidant creme spf 15'. The blurb on the website says it actively shields skin to help prevent lines before they appear - so your skin looks smoother and heathier, longer.

I have been applying the cream, waiting half an hour, then applying my foundation and I must say my skin feels great afterwards; really smooth.

As you can see my skin looks fairly clear here after applying the Double Wear and I just wish I could be brave and show you a 'before' photo to prove how good the foundation is!

What is your all time favourite foundation?


  1. It looks really good, your skin still looks radiant even though it's a full coverage base. I might have try that one. You're a beauty btw ;)

  2. wow thats impressive, your skin looks flawless & has a lovely glow to it :) ox

  3. I dont wear foundation alot but when I do I tend to go for the elizabeth arden pure finish mineral powder one, I have really dry skin and it doesnt stick to the pacthes like some liquid ones do, its £22 but I have bought it a few times now and I think its worth it, u look so pretty in your photo :) xx

  4. your skin does look really flawless there! I wanna see the before! I wouldn't be that brave either :-p

    I'm STILL trying to find a foundation that I'm really happy with...everything always seems to be too greasy or not enough coverage...maybe I'll try this one

    nicola xx

  5. Ive been using BB foundation for the days i have breakouts.. but now i HAVE to get that. Its the 3rd positive review ive seen on Estee's foundation!!! xx

  6. Your skin is gorgeous! It's glowing!x

  7. Your skin looks great. Clear and glowy! I tried Double Wear once but the lightest shade was way too dark.

  8. I've wanted to try double wear for a while.. do you not find it a little heavy? That seems to be a common complaint with it..

    My all time favourite (and one I can't afford to repurchase atm) is Dior Capture Totale. It lasts and lasts and it makes the texture of my skin look smoother somehow. I adore it, but now I'm nearing the end of the bottle I'm reserving it for special occasions!

  9. You look so pretty - the foundation must be good. haha joking. lol! You would probably look great before too. And I look forward to your ELF brushes post.

  10. Wow, I can't believe how fab your skin looks!! I think you've totally convinced me to buy this now. I've heard it can be quite heavy but your skin looks amazing!!
    You should do a before photo so we can see, you would look fine!!
    I've been using Dior Forever Extreme and I really like it but am now desperate to try Double Wear!! x x

  11. You gonna enter my contest then???would love to see what you come up with! xxx

  12. i used to wear EL foundation all the time, but now i switch it up all the time! Gorgeous pic!! xx

  13. I don't wear foundation, just powder. But I love lush!!!


  14. This is my favourite foundation too, I love it :) xx

  15. wow.. Elauder.. that's expensive here in phil :)

  16. you look really good in the photo. your face looks flawless.

    i havent tried a lot of foundations. im still trying to finish my studio fix fluid by mac.

  17. It gives a really good finish, I wouldn't have thought it would give that effect!

  18. Looks beautiful on you, but I'm a mineral foundation lover at the moment! xxx

  19. I'm with you - Doublewear all the way! I absolutely love it. I bought into the MUFE HD Foundation hype but for me, DoubleWear is much, much better. You look lovely in your pic. x

  20. Hiya
    Just to let you know I've tagged you on my blog.
    Loving the natural waves

  21. Ive been meaning to try this out for about 3months now after hearing all the great reviews... But Ive kept putting it off because I have trouble finding the right colour! Might pop into the EL counter and try before I buy :)

  22. @unicornsmile - thank you! very sweet comments! :) xx

    @becky! - thank you. yeah even though it sounds like a heavy product it doesn't completely mask the skin. xx

    @becky - double wear is £24 but it's totally worth it plus it lasts me about 6 months! xx

    @nicola - not brave enough for the 'before' shot yet! eek! xx

  23. @tali - if you get breakouts and want good coverage then definitely try it out! i am quite particular about my makeup and i like it to cover my flaws really well! xx

    @daisy - thanks hun xx

    @christine - aw that's a shame! xx

    @lipglossiping - no i don't find it too heavy, but i can understand why other people do. i prefer the heavier side to the lighter products. xx

  24. @luc - cool, i will get round to doing that post soon! xx

    @jen - i daren't do a 'before' photo. i don't wanna scare you all away! :) xx

    @liparazzi - my camera is broken!!! :( waiting for the new one to be delivered though! xx

    @holly - it's good to have some variety. as i mentioned i may buy a different one and change what i use. xx

  25. @luxi - you're lucky you can just wear powder. you must have great skin! xx

    @laurafaye - it seems to be very popular! my mum and sister both use it too :) xx

    @sheriamor - really? that's a shame. it is quite pricey here but not too bad. xx

    @becky - thanks so much! xx

  26. @tink - thanks! xx

    @phoebe - cool, glad i surprised ya! xx

    @rocaille - i haven't tried mineral foundation yet but i'd like to! xx

    @lionlovingtiger - thank you! i couldn't live without it! xx

  27. @lauren - THANK YOU :D xx

    @lorien - ask them to pop a little bit in a pot. that way you can try it out for a few days and see what you think :) xx