Honest Scrap tag


I have been tagged by Greta to do this (check out her blog here!)

You have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you have to tag 10 people with the award. Finally, let all the people you've given the award to know they've gotten it (comment on their blogs or something). Don't forget to link back to the person who awarded you.

1. I'm obsessed with the welfare of animals and insects. Any sort of animal cruelty upsets me and I won't kill a bug no matter how big or small. If I'm driving and there's a greenfly in my car, I have to pull over and free it into the grass.

2. Me and my boyfriend worked at the same architecture company (me as a secretary, him as an architects assistant) but we didn't speak or notice each other for 4 months then one day we got talking over the internet and a couple of weeks later he asked me out :) 3 days later we were both made redundant!

3. As you all know we have 3 dogs. Bf has had Geri for a year and a half, and we have had the 2 pugs since December last year. I have always loved pugs so when we heard the Dogs Trust had 2 we drove straight there, fell in love with them and adopted them! They had been handed in after their owner died and they had been mistreated by her. They were 18 months old and hadn't been house trained or walked on a lead so we had to start from scratch with them. It was tough but they picked everything up really well.

4. I'm constantly trying to lose a 'couple of pounds' but I'm just too lazy and love my food too much.

5. I have a very wide range of musical tastes. I particularly like The Drifters and saw them in concert in March (not the original line up obviously, but they have carried on the group with relatives). They were brill - I loved it!

6. I love anything to do with Harry Potter. I see all the first showings of the films (I once went to a midnight showing and was front of the queue, lol). I have got a Gryffindor t shirt that I wear to bed and I was recently in Orlando at Islands of Adventure and got unbelievably excited when I saw them building the new Harry Potter land!!

7. I have got low self confidence and whatever I do I feel I could have done better or done it differently.

8. I take photos of everything. On my last 2 week holiday I had 1500 photos to sort through. I love capturing the moment and I hate the thought of not having photographic evidence of important events!

9. I can't and won't make decisions.. ever. I just physically can't! Even if it's "what shall we have for tea?", I just can't give an answer!

10. One day when my bf is a qualified architect and he is earning lots of money I would love to go back to studying and find the right career. I would love to open a pug rescue centre and do something for the love of it rather than for money.

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V xxx


  1. I'm EXACTLY the same as you when it comes to making decisions, it drives everyone i know crazy but i can't help it, i just find it impossible to decide on anything even if it's something that's not very important like what dvd to watch! I will sit there for aaaages staring at my dvds because i can't pick one! I could never go out with someone who was indecisive lol, we would never get anything done! :) xx

  2. Its so interesting to read these kind of posts. 7-9 are so like me, or at least the photo one would be if I had a camera but normally it is.

  3. I love reading answers to these!

  4. @loveatfirstbite - i'm the same, i'm hopeless! when i first met my boyfriend it would drive him mad but he soon got used to it. lol. xx

  5. @butterfly - i like reading these kind of posts too. it's interesting to know little facts about people. i'm terrible when i have a camera in my hand, i take photos of anything & everything! xx

  6. @daisychain - me too hun. xx

  7. I was so sad to hear about the lives Lily and Lola had before you adopted them. I am so glad that they found you and they are now loved to bits. Animals should always be treated with love and respect. Danielle xx

    P.S I've posted a pic of Rumpole now :) If you wish take a peek (at Irene and Mable) - I am SURE he would love Lola! xx

  8. I love your list!! Its so fun to learn about my bloggy friends!

  9. Thank you so much for tagging me :) my first tag!! xo
    going to do answer my 10 qu's some point today! Loved ur answers! you def should open a pug rescue centre!!!
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com x

  10. i love this, a great idea of getting to know someone a bit more. i especially like the little story of how you met your bf!

  11. @danielle - we were sad about their past too. but pleased that we could give them a new start and lots of love.
    i checked out rumpole and omg adorable!!!!


  12. @elizabethmarie - i like reading about my blog friends too! :) xx

  13. @vik - no problem. i like getting tagged and thought i would share the love! xx

  14. @pinkbow - aw yes, it's quite a good story. i'm glad you like my list! xx

  15. Ha love the bit about the photos. I'm exactly the same :)

  16. lol me too, im also so indecisive and always want to lose weight but then cave for a McDonalds lol. x

  17. @holly - mcdonalds is my downfall! as is chinese :) xx

  18. i also am obsessed with the welfare of animals and cant stand animal cruelty. glad to see another blogger who cares for something else other than fashion.

  19. @thefabulousgirl - i'm glad to see a like minded person too! :) xx