And the winner is.........


First of all, thanks to all the people who entered and an extra thanks if you mentioned my blog on your blog! I love getting lots of nice comments and I still get excited when I see new people following me! ("hello new people!")

I only thought I would get a handful of entries so I have been very surprised and if I had the money I would buy everyone a bottle!

So.. this afternoon I needed to pick out a winner so I meticulously checked who had mentioned me so that they could get 2 entries and checked everyone was a 'follower' then I put all the names on pieces of paper and folded them up into equal pieces.

The name picked at random was.....

Holly at DollyMix184 writes beauty

Congratulations! Send me your details asap and I'll get the St Moriz sent out to you :)

I wish I could have bought one for everyone coz I have so many lovely followers. Perhaps if anyone reeeally wants some and would like me to get some they could send the money over by Paypal.. anyway, you can always email me if that's the case!

Lots of love,

V xxx

P.S. Greta at Diary Of A "So-Called" Narcissist is doing a giveaway so go check it out and follow her blog! She is lovely and her posts are great. Check out her blog here xxx


  1. ooh congrats!

  2. Lol I offically LOVE you!!!!!
    Thanks so much going to send u my deets now!
    Much love xx

  3. Congrats to the winner!

  4. congrats to Holly :)

    & i'm a follower now, sorry i wasn't before i must have just completely forgotten to click follow, haha :) xo

  5. @kitten - no probs :) xx