More awards!


These blog awards are like buses.. none for a while then I get 5 all at once! :)

The lovely Desire Is Necessary To Keep Life In Motion nominated me for 2 awards which is super dooper! Thank you.

I'm going to pick 5 more beautiful bloggers for these ones so here goes!

Zoella -
Her blog is super girly & she has the best hair I've ever seen!

PinkLemonade-xo -
I love this blog coz there's a mixture of make-up, clothes, accessories and make-up photos.

Teacups & Bows -
A really pretty blog & she buys lots of nice things.

Ella Cinderella -
Ella is really friendly & has a fab blog - I love all the night out pics!

Cupcakes and Cherries -
My fellow Leeds person made me feel welcome in the blogging world and her blog is great!

V xxx


  1. One is at Velocity North and the other says Whitehall quarter? Do you know either of these? x

  2. WOOOHOO!! Congratulations!

  3. Awee thankyou lovely :) xxx

  4. Thanks!!

    I did find some earlier, but none of them had parking spaces which is what I need. I also don't want it furnished as I have a lot of my own stuff so there aren't many that fit my criteria! I'll keep on trawling through rightmove! xx

  5. i'm finding it really stressful!!
    so many are furnished and I hate the way they are done out - so bland, and all the same leather sofas etc! I don't want to feel like I am living in someone else's place! I will let you know how I get on on Friday, hopefully I will be able to book a few more viewings by then. x

  6. Thank you sweetie! :) I think I do to many nights out post, but I think the fact I deleted my facebook justifies it! LOL! :) xxx

  7. thankyou so much :)

  8. Thanks so much!! Love your blog too!xxxx