Latest buys (on a budget)


Along with the Lee Stafford hair treatment I bought a few more things so here's a quick run down..

17 Shine Control loose powder

I needed a new powder and wanted something cheap and cheerful so I headed to the 17 stand at Boots. I love 17. The quality is really good to say the prices are soo cheap! Plus, because the powder was over £5 I got a freebie! It was sealed so I couldn't pick what I would get inside so I didn't expect much.. 
 I was pleasantly surprised! I got a Lip Glaze in 'Bonjour Monsieur' which as you can see is a light pinky shade and it's lovely! I also got an Eye Dazzle in 'Fancy Free' which I haven't used yet as it's a bit glittery and more suited to a night out. And lastly, I got a Fast Finish Nail Polish in 'Ruby Dazzle'. It doesn't look like much in the bottle but on my nails it is gorge! I will take some piccies soon for my blog.

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner - black

I really wanted to like this but unfortunately..I don't :( The colour seemed watered down and even though I am quite a dab hand at doing liquid liner usually, I found that this made a right mess! It went EVERYWHERE! I am back to my faithful Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack for now.

Mango shower gel - Primark

Eyelash curlers - Primark

This shower gel is lovely! I didn't plan to buy one from Primark but I saw it and I needed a shower gel anyway so thought I'd give it a go! The smell is really strong, which I like, and it lathers up nicely. The eyelash curlers are fairly good, not great, but they will do until I get a decent pair and they were only £1.

Off Your Face - face wipes by Soap & Glory

I LOVE Soap & Glory products. The clever product names are great and even though they seem a bit gimmicky, they really do work! I have been using products from this range for a while and I'd happily buy one of everything if I could (ooh payday is coming up..there's an idea!) These wipes have quite a strong smell but they do a good job of getting my make-up off and they also claim to reduce the size of pores which can only be a good thing!!!

V xxx


  1. The eyelash curlers look very nice..considering they are primark im suprised! ELf ones were a torture device disaster.. these look usable!

    I didnt like that liner either..i got raccon eyes..its way too liquid!

    Nice haul.. loads of variety you must have had fun sorting through it when you were home! :)

  2. Since buying the MAC Fluidline in blacktrack I've not used anything else! I really need to start varying it up again! It's just too good!

  3. @tali - They're not bad for a quid and they have a spare spongy thing (no idea what to call it haha).xx

    @daisy - It is reeeally good. I love it! Which brush do you use to apply it?xx

  4. I actually use a nail art brush! It's called a precision painter and I bought it off Ebay for £6! I also have the MAC 266 which is angled but I prefer to use the tiny nail brush. How about you?xx

  5. nice purchases. I really need an eyelash curler

  6. @daisy - I use the Mac 266 brush also, but I'm not overly thrilled with it. I'm going to get a different brush to use. Will have a look at nail art brushes! What a good idea.

    @beingbrazen - The eyelash curler seemed to work really well this morning. It was a bit of a bargain really, plus it's pink so I <3 it even more.

  7. I hated the Barry M liquid liner too I agree with you on that one 100%

    I've never found a decent eyelash curler :( May try the primark one seeing as its only £1

    I really want to try the soap and glory wipe but I'm scared they'll breakme out my skin is crazy sensitive :'(

    Have you got Twitter hun?

  8. @ellacinderella - I wouldn't try the wipes if you have super sensitive skin.. I dunno.. the smell seems so strong! However, my skin is hopeless and they seem fine so far.

    Nice gentle wipes that I like are Simple, boots own fragrance free ones, or plain old Johnsons baby wipes!

    Not on Twitter as yet but I might do. Seems everyone is on it!