It's Britney b*tch!


Me and my boyfriend headed down to London the week before last for the opening night of Britney's tour at the O2 arena. I'm not a huge Britney fan but I appreciate cheesey music as much as the next person and with my bf's Mum offering to buy us tickets (her treat) I was there with bells on!

The intro from Perez Hilton was pretty ace but slightly freaky (at one point he's chewing on a baby's head on a!). Then down she came!

Our seats were really good and she was gooood... but she didn't sing live (which we assumed anyway), her dancing was kinda sluggish (I reckon I could have done it with a bit of practice.. I have been known to throw similar shapes in the past) and she only spoke to the audience TWICE the whole show. And when people are paying £50 a ticket that's pretty lame.

But.. we had a good time all the same and spent 2 days in London seeing the sights, shopping and coaxing myself onto the tube - it made me soo sick! :( I could NOT do that every day.

And this is me:

(Outside the British Museum with random pretty shrubbery in the background. Wearing my fave Dior sunglasses and Topshop 'Garden Rose' oversized top - one of my current faves).

And lastly me being a total geek:

(In my latest Uggs (tall, metallic bronze) and current fave Victoria's Secret Pink hoodie).

Did anyone else see Britney at the O2 arena?


V xxx


  1. love the flowery top x

  2. glad you had fun V! =) you look really pretty.

    haven't seen Britney perform live yet, but then again, i don't think she's ever had a show here.

  3. Aww :)Hope you enjoyed London, despite the tubes; I know what you mean but I love the hustle and bustle. Actually take that back.. I don't much like the smell or the heat. teehee :)
    I love the pic of you on platform 9 /4 :) I'm geeky like that too :)

  4. @Jen - thanks hun. I was a bit knackered that day and it was hot (well, hot for the UK anyway) so I was hiding behind my trusty sunnies!

    You're not missing too much with Britney. It was good seeing someone so famous in real life, but I thought she would be better


  5. @pinklemonade - the heat on the tubes is unreal. I was gasping for air most of the time! haha. Imagine if I had to do it every day for work, I'd be a nervous wreck!

    I had to queue with a bunch of tourists from the USA to get that photo taken. My boyfriend was a bit like errmmm. lol.


  6. I wanted to go see Britney live but was a bit put off because she lip sync's, but from the pics it looks like she put on a fab show!

    I went to see Girls Aloud and they were amazing, I should do a post.

    I get what you mean about the tubes, I feel like I'm standing in a box of germs everytime I'm on one, the hand sanitiser has to come out as soon as I get off!

    Did you enjoy London though? Do any shopping?

    Ella xoxox

  7. @Ella - It was an amazing show. Every single set and outfit was fab! It would have been nice if she'd spoken to the crowd a bit more though. We can watch her mime on tv for free! lol.

    The tube aside, I loved London. I was a proper tourist with my camera round my neck, haha. Took loads of photos, need to put em all on facebook!

    We went to Harrods and I bought some souvenir stuff for my mum and dad. Didn't manage to do any other shopping apart from that which is pretty cr*p! :(


  8. I saw Britney a few weeks ago. I was sat right at the top though, so I couldn't REALLY see her dancing :(
    I was really sad that they didn't hve any big screens, maybe it's so the people at the back couldn't see how rubbish she was?
    I did love it though, very over the top.
    I was really freaked out by the Perez-eating baby head thing.
    SHE HAS CHILDREN?! I though it was very weird

  9. @MissDollyGal - at the end I sort of felt a bit cheated..and I didn't even pay for my ticket! She hardly spoke to the audience which is bad!
    But I enjoyed all the outfits and her backing dancers were amazing. Also, how cool were the Big Apple Circus! They were awesome.

  10. oh my goodness i have to go to that place with the trolley! nuts! ahhh. definitely making my way there one day, love it. haha.

  11. @brooke - It's at Kings Cross train station in London. I dragged my boyfriend there coz I really wanted my picture taken :) I'm a huuge Harry Potter fan.xx

  12. Oh my god that 9 3/4 is SO cool - I really want to do it!!! I love HP.

    I really wanted to get tickets for Britney. Looks like you had a good time! xx

  13. @girlwiththegoldentouch - Yeah it is pretty cool isn't it! I love HP too so when I was in London I HAD to find this.

    Britney was good.. she could have talked to the crowd more and maybe sung a few more songs live but it was a good show

  14. I love your sunglasses!

    thanks for coming by my blog :-)

  15. I went to see her in Manchester and I loved it. I had been waiting 10 years to finally see her and when I first saw her coming down, I just burst into tears haha.