Boots Original Beauty Formula


When it comes to skincare I have tried everything. My skin is very fussy and I tend to struggle with it most of the time. I like having pretty, expensive bottles in my bathroom but my skin tends to favour cheaper products (my purse isn't complaining).

I once tried Dermalogica. I had heard so many good things about it so I picked some up from the beauty salon I go to. A week later I had a rash all over my face (let's face it, noone wants that!). The Clinique 3 step soap, toner and moisturiser sucked the life out of my skin, and the toner just felt (and smelt) like paint stripper to me. The latest I have tried is Clarins. I went for an eyebrow wax and the beauty therapist was kind enough (!) to comment on my oily forehead (note that I haven't been back to her since). I felt obliged to get a new cleanser and toner which would apparently do wonders for me. Initially it seemed to clear my skin up but then it just stopped working and *sob* my oily forehead was back once more.

I paid a visit to Boots last week and came across their Original Formula collection. I'm a sucker for nice packaging and I instantly loved the old fashioned, vintage style of the bottles and tubs!

I decided to get the Cold Cream (50ml) - a bargain at £3.89 (that was with a £1 off promotion).

Yes it looks a little bit like what my granny would have used back in the day, but so far it is doing the trick! The cream is dead thick (which I like) and it has a nice fragrance. I rub it in all over my face and neck quite thickly, every morning and every evening, then rinse using a warm flannel. Then I have a quick once over with a face wipe and hey presto, all my make-up is off!

I also like the look of the Vanishing Day Cream which is currently on offer with £3 off and claims to "literally vanish into the skin" and is "blended to richly hydrate without leaving excess oils" which sounds good to me!

Has anyone used the Vanishing Day Cream? Is it as good as it sounds?

V xxx


  1. I thought the packaging was really nice too, but I never thought about trying it. lol. I don't really like the Clinique 3 step either.

  2. @smiley13tree - it's not often I buy Boots own brand but the cleanser is really good! Plus the range is on special offer with £1 - £3 off so the prices are really cheap, and the bottles look pretty in my bathroom (the most important thing. lol)

    Hated Clinique! Plus I got a facial once and mentioned what I'd been using and she told me it's one of the worst things to use (the toner especially).


  3. I'm the same - I have spent a small fortune on beautifully packages products, but my skin seems to like Johnsons clean&clear the best - much to my disgust! This Boots range is lovely- I keep eyeing it up, not long until I cave in and buy! x

  4. @hele - At least it means more ££ for make-up!

  5. Have you already tried the vanishing cream? I'm so curious how it works.

  6. Most of that line was amazing. Products made back before the glossy b.s. we have to wade through nowadays took hold. I've scored some of the rose & lavender bath oil, the cold cream and the vanishing day cream on Amazon. There's also one or two sellers on eBay. I'm still looking for more of the rest of the range.

    Ali x