Be nice, I'm new! :)


If you have been kind enough to visit my new blog and take the time to read this and, at the moment, pretty much nothing else then "thanks so much"! And "hi!" I hope to start posting properly over the next few days and I'd love it if you came back to check it out.

I have been spending a LOT of time at work lately reading other people's amazing blogs and thought I would join in. I love beauty products and go shopping pretty much every day so I'm always spotting new things and spending my not so hard-earned cash on lovely shiny sparkly things.

Photos etc coming soon too!

Lots of love,


  1. Hey!

    I'm your second follower and your first commenter :)

    Where abouts in Leeds are you from? x x x

  2. welcome to the blogging community Victoria!! =)

    i'm quite new as well, and i'm really excited to see your upcoming posts.

  3. @Daisy - Thank you! :) I let out a little 'woohoo' when I saw I had my 1st comment. hehe.

    Well.. I have lived near Moortown my whole life in the same house but 3 weeks ago me and my boyfriend moved to an apartment in Churwell nr Morley, it's a really gorgeous apartment n area.

    I had a look at your intro.. that building looks like Bridgewater Place? I'm super jealous! Looks lovely in there. xx

  4. @Jen - thanks so much. Really appreciate the nice comment. xx

  5. @Victoria- Yep I live in Bridgewater. Loveee it! Although we don't have a balcony (or garden obvs) so I'm missing that when it's sunny!

    Ahh my cousin used to live in Morley and a girl from work lives there, it does look nice!

  6. Good luck on the blog.. it looks great so far xx

  7. @Daisy - I know what you mean about a garden. Luckily we only live in a small block of 6 and there is a garden at the front and back, plus a paved bit and our own shed! lol. But it's not the same as having our own.


  8. @Tali - thank you, I love your blog!xx